An Introduction to “Socrates”

An Introduction to the ethereal energy called Socrates


Bust of Socrates, the ancient philosopher

Ok. Here goes.

Today, I am going to share what has been going on with me for the past few weeks. No. Years. First, I need to preface this entire story with some science.

Everything in the Universe is made up of the same substance or energy. Some of this energy vibrates at a higher rate of speed, like light and radio waves, and other energy vibrates at a lower speed like everything we see in our physical world. Our bodies are made up of both the seen (physical body) and the unseen (spiritual body). They both combine to create life as we know it in this plane of earthly existence.

For as long as I can remember, I have seen energy at work. There are stories about what a good sleeper I’ve always been. As a young child, instead of fighting it, I would always be happy to go to bed. It was there that I would see tiny dots of energy intermingling with each other, surrounding my bed in the dark.

By the time I was a teenager, I stopped seeing that energy. I went through this “energy blackout” for about 15 years. At thirty, I had a major life shift, and my spiritual quest began in earnest (though I had dabbled with it throughout my life). It began with learning the system of Tarot at the urging of a friend who saw “the shine” in me. It has turned into a deeply dreamlike spiritual quest with Truth in sight.

In the past couple of years, I have increasingly received “messages” from deceased loved ones of my near friends and relatives.  For at least 10 years, I have been intermittently doing automatic writing. Some call it stream of consciousness writing, but this goes beyond that. It holds thoughts and ideas that aren’t my own. About a month ago, I posted on my Facebook page about a dream I’d had which felt so incredibly intense. It was like a visit from a higher energy source which infused me with something cosmic and powerful that must be shared with the world:

I have always had a rich and fulfilling dream life. Last night’s dream was no exception.

I showed up at an old friend’s place to find he was opening a cafe on the side of his house. He was cooking behind a counter, but he was surrounded by boxes. I was thinking that having all those boxes around cooking surfaces was dangerous as it could easily start a fire. Everybody in this (weird, kind of run-down) cafe was lazing around. There was a baby in the corner eating a marijuana brownie. I said, “Um. I don’t think that’s a good idea.” Then my friend introduced me to a beautiful silver-haired woman reclining on a dilapidated sofa. She wore colorful jewels and clothing, and her hair was perfectly coiffed. Introduced as his “new spiritual advisor”, I was quite jealous of the woman. I was upset because I was the one who used to be his spiritual advisor, but then she stood up and held my face in her hands exclaiming that I had a “beautiful energy”. When she touched me, I felt explosions of light and energy coursing through my head and face, and I knew I loved her with all of my being. She was getting excited saying how beautiful my aura was, and then she hugged me. When she did that, I thought my body would explode from the intensity of energy movement. It was as if I had rods of light shooting from my inner core, out through every pore in my body. I can’t really explain the dream-feeling, but it was better than any orgasm ever experienced (by anyone!), though in a very non-sexual way.

…and then I woke at an ungodly hour, but with a smile on my face. Happy Wednesday!

I’ve recently experienced a great deal of synchronicity. I wrote the following on my personal Facebook page to my friends/family last week:

As most of you know, I am a spiritual advisor. I’m a believer of MANY (pieces) of faiths, philosophies and especially science. I’m definitely researching the science of what’s been happening to me lately; though, the idea of metaphysics has been relegated to pseudoscience, so nobody really has any reputable scientific journal papers published (that I have found).

I’ve been increasingly receiving more and more energetic information from people who have passed on. (Some of you will stop reading now, and I’m cool with that) Now that I’m slowly, and quite tentatively, beginning to share when I receive them (because at first, I just felt weird and a bit crazy), the information is almost always confirmed by the person the message is for. It gets weirder. I’m also in touch with higher-vibrating energy like angels; ESPECIALLY since I began the project. They give me messages for people, too. I can’t explain it other than it feels like a conversation is “downloaded” into my brain in less than a nanosecond.

This week, I’ve had several messages which have been confirmed and validated by others. I’ve been seeing signs and an absurd amount of synchronicity the past couple of weeks, and I’ve been making it a point to visit with people I love, squeezing them into my ever-busier schedule. My dreams have also been incredibly prophetic. (as a recent example: Yesterday I dreamt one of my oldest best friends had stolen my car and was driving too fast. I wasn’t worried about getting my car back. I was worried about her safety and health. I woke to find she was at the emergency room for a health issue. Over and over again these things are happening)


Heart-shaped rocks we found at the river.

I went to Salt River with Mark on Wednesday morning. He encouraged me to find a heart-shaped rock. I had never done that before, never thought of doing that. I looked up to the sky and said, “show me the rock”. I walked a couple of feet, looked down and found a large one (Mark found the smaller one later). That night, I was drawn to download a book on Kindle, “Wolf’s Message” by Suzanne Giesemann. I began reading it and was getting hit left and right with things that were incredibly similar and synchronous for me. She spoke of conversations and messages which were “familiar”.

I woke yesterday, and was hit with “You need to find out when Suzanne Giesemann will be in Phoenix on a speaking tour.” I know that she lives in FL but tours almost half the year. After a minute of looking, I found that she had a single speaking engagement in Phoenix that night. Seriously?! Note: I have NEVER been interested in author talks and metaphysical workshops. Being around a bunch of new-agey people has just never been my thing. So it was weird that I woke feeling like I even had to look it up.

I decided that was a bit of a sign that I should go. I was checking out her information, and stumbled upon her FB page just as she posted something about who would be her 2,000th page LIKE. I liked her page not realizing that message was only a minute old. I commented that I thought it was me and explained the synchronicity of going to see her that night. She replied that I was meant to go and to meet her after for a gift and a hug.

She then replied again with this comment (attached to a picture of a hand holding a heart-shaped stone):

“OMG – Read the exchange below between me and my 2000th “like”, Elizabeth. Wonderful in itself. BUT … “Something” just told me to click on her name and check out her Facebook page (I rarely do this). I couldn’t help but gasp. Her banner photo shows a hand holding a heart-shaped stone … the EXACT image (if not the same photo) as my opening slide for my presentation tonight!!! We are all so connected and so guided! Thank you, Wolf!”

Needless to say, I was vibrating HIGH yesterday. I can’t explain it, but I felt every molecule in my body pulsating and blasting out of me (almost like it did in the dream where I was hugged by a beautiful woman – angel?). I couldn’t even eat because my energy level was somewhat insane. Before the talk, I spent several hours with a spiritual friend, and we got all amped and excited about validating and recognizing the crazy synchronicity in each of our lives (it was really loud and animated – loved it!). The friend said that she felt something big coming for me.

I met up with another friend at the author’s talk, and we enjoyed it together. When I met up with Suzanne, the author, she did give me a hug and a book (which I had eyed, but didn’t buy thinking it might be the one she was going to choose to give me). She looked at me and said, “You’ve got something big in store for you.” WTF?!?

So needless to say, I’ve been surrounding myself with friends and family, and their bubble of love keeps me warm and safe as I embark on this sacred journey of WHATEVER… So yeah. my life is strange and amazing! Lol

I’ve still been getting a great deal of synchronous activity this week, and my concept of time is diminishing (because what was almost a full week ago or even a month ago, still feels like it just happened).  I feel as if I’m finally tuning into the radio station I’ve always been meant to hear, and the music is the perfect soundtrack to my life.

What I didn’t write to my friends/family is that I’ve been channeling with my automatic writing for quite some time (I think I have some journal entries dating back to 2004 or 2005).  I’ve always been drawn to the idea of mediums and channels, and I’ve read and watched quite a bit on the subject. I was intrigued by Seth back in 2002, and I read the Michael Teachings. These were the stories and realities of people channeling higher energy. I also absolutely love the validating messages which come through mediums like Theresa Caputo (The Long Island Medium”).

As an example of my messages, I have a friend who had a young son in 2006 or ’07. Something that came out in my automatic writing that year said his son would end up in the hospital with lung issues but would pull through. Two weeks later, he was admitted to the hospital for difficulty breathing and infection. He came through it about a week or two later.

I never told anybody about this writing because I didn’t always trust it. It felt “out of tune” as if some of it was me, and some of it was higher energy. But I couldn’t tell which was which; therefore, it felt confusing. I was afraid of approaching somebody and being wrong.


My friend’s mother makes herself known through butterflies.

One of my very best friends knows all too well about my messages. When I first met her, I couldn’t get her off my mind. I would be riding a bus to work, and kept getting “Call her. Send her my love. Send her my love. I’m here!” After three days in a row of feeling this way, I finally called her, feeling so compelled as to do it from work. I told her, “I know I barely know you, and I feel kind of crazy calling you and telling you this, but I think your mother has been visiting. She needs you to know she loves you and is with you.”

Uncomfortable short silence on the phone.

She finally replied, obviously through tears, that she had been holed up, alone, in her apartment for the last three days crying, missing her mom and writing her letters through her art.

She has been of my very best friends ever since, and her mom ALWAYS has a way of showing up when we’re hanging out together. There was one time when I received a message and thought, “I don’t feel like sharing it with her because I don’t think she’s open to it right now.” My friend was going through a rough period in her life, and her energy wasn’t really open to the free nature of spirituality. Her mother then told me, “You WILL tell her, or I will throw a shoe at you. And you will tell her I told you I will throw a shoe at you.”

I walked in the building and right up to my friend, “Um? This might sound weird, but was your mom a shoe-thrower? Like, would she throw shoes at you?”

My friend replied with a chuckle, “If we didn’t do what my mom wanted us to do, she would take off her Dr. Scholl’s clog and wing it at us from across the room!”

I said, “Ok. I have a message for you. Sorry. It’s not from me. It’s from her.”

My friend and I have both gotten used to it.

The same with my cousins and their mothers, my aunts, who have passed. One of my cousins also recently lost a husband who comes through with great validation and clarity. I had to ask her one day, “Um. Weird question. Are you throwing out some leathers of his? Having a hard time deciding what to do with them? And are you putting on his pants?”

She replied that she WAS having a hard time going through his stuff and had just made the tough decision to toss out a leather jacket of his. Oh yeah. She was also wearing a pair of his pants when she got my message.

So these things have been occurring more, and more, AND MORE lately. The more I acknowledge it, the more I’m feeling it.

When I began reading Suzanne Geisemann’s book, “Wolf’s Message” last week, I finally got the idea to ask the name of the entity I was dealing with in my automatic writing sessions. The first pass gave me El-Shabib. I already knew El meant “God” in Hebrew, but I had to look up Shabib. Shabib is the son of Shabba. Shabba means “young” or “vital, full of energy”.

As this information “downloaded” into my consciousness in a nanosecond, I thought to myself, “I don’t know that I will use that name”.  Then immediately I got, “Socrates will work.” It was made clear I was not channeling Socrates, the ancient philosopher, but a higher vibration of energy which chose the name Socrates, so I, in my very physical need for naming things to bring them to life, could have something to call it. El-Shabib is “God’s Energy” and Socrates means “Whole Power”:

Etymology : From the Greek name (Sokrates), which was derived from (sos) “whole, unwounded, safe” and (kratos) “power”

Rewind 5 days to the Saturday before I’d heard of Suzanne Geisemann. I received a psychic tarot reading from a very good friend of mine. At the bottom of my reading she said, “This is big. Have you ever been interested in science, quantum physics, the way the universe works?” I told her I needed science to comfortably co-exist with my spirituality to be comfortable with my spirituality. (Note: my friend is very good at what she does and can even pick up on past life insight, relevant to the current life) She said, “I’m getting a strong Mesopotamian pull. Maybe you were a great magician in a past life. People thought you were a magician, but it wasn’t magic and games of the sight but science and philosophy that was your magic. I don’t know but this is such a strong energy coming through. It’s life-changing.”

Fast forward to the following Wednesday when the name “Socrates” is given to me as the energy I am working with. (In case you don’t know, Socrates is an ancient Greek  philosopher with no known direct writings of his own, but his philosophies and life have been shared through the writings of his students who were from mostly Greek and Mesopotamian backgrounds).

Now go back two weeks before that reading. I was at the used bookstore, happened upon the Cliffs Notes for Greek Classics and felt compelled to have it. I had read the classics I was interested in long ago, but something told me I needed it to “brush up. The information will be important.”


Pregnant mare drinking in the Salt River

Yesterday (about a week after I got the name “Socrates” as the energy I was working with), I paid a visit to the Salt River about 45 minutes east of Downtown Phoenix where I live. It was an incredible experience as we hiked around and saw all manner of flora and fauna including wild horses drinking at the riverside. It was nothing short of magical.

Last night, as I wound down from my day, I was still pondering the legitimacy of “Socrates”.  For some reason, I picked up the Cliffs Notes book and just flipped it opened to page 311. The heading was Xenophon. It spoke of his being a great soldier, and a great horseman. (I had been completely moved at the site of the wild horses earlier that day). A paragraph later, I was reminded Xenophon was a student of the philosopher Socrates. *SLAP*

I’m being told that I will get the energy of the deceased to validate and confirm things for individuals, but I am in contact with the ethereal Socrates to be in touch with messages for the good of all. I need to trust it and work with it instead of against it. I will be sharing my writings from Socrates going forward. Not the personal stuff (unless it’s really cool and/or relevant), but the stuff meant for all.


The Death of Socrates (La Mort de Socrate) 1787 oil on canvas painting by Jacques-Louis David

I know many people might think I’m crazy. Trust me. If I hadn’t observed the synchronicity, receiving so much validation outside myself, I would think I’m crazy, too. People might think I’m some new-age hippie freak with my head in the clouds. I try not be a cliché as my experience is mine and mine alone. I think that’s another area where Suzanne comes in. She is in no way a new-age cliché, and I can see there’s a way to work with this energy while not succumbing to it.

If there are naysayers along the way, that’s fine. They do not experience the world as I do; therefore, they may not have the experience to understand my views. It is not my job to make believers of anybody. It IS my job to share love and balance with the world. With all of the hate and ignorance we’re seeing today, hate for others and even of the self, there needs to be a balance of love. I want to add my weight to that balance.

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