Socrates: Above/Below, Torus and Balance

desiretochangeMay 6, 2015

Without focus on the dream, you will never FULLY achieve it in the physical realm. Focus must be every day because every day is new, vibrating differently, from the day before. Physical sleep takes you to waking life. Who’s to say THAT is not the REAL world and this is just the dream? You dream there, too after all, and upon waking, you vibrate differently than before the dream.


May 7, 2015

You are abundant in your life. You have what you need and many desires fulfilled. Your gratitude brings about more.


Elizabeth’s note: I had seen an article on 3D printing, and I was pondering it’s impact on the future of humanity and nature before writing this post.

One day, 3D printing will be used with nature and those things created by the earth and other elements.  Right now, it is simply creating more synthetic material which is not natural and therefore, must be re-elemented by “unnatural” means (as in man-made process), or it becomes a pollutant, adding to the “clog” of the energy in your physical. There are minds who, given the right circumstances, can grow to create a solution. There must be an effort for it, a request made if you will, to become manifest in your physical world.

3D-printed nylon plastic torus

3D-printed nylon plastic torus

In using a computer, you must request it to do something whether it’s opening an application, accessing the internet, anything… it’s all brought forth through coded requests. The universe works much in the same way as a computer. You must make the request and then, like the computer, wait for your request to compute through code for it to become manifest. If you don’t wish to wait, but decide you want something else, you make another request, often slowing down (or even negating) the first request.

What happens to the computer when there are too many requests at once? Things slow WAY down. Therefore, you must clear and clean space, and cultivate patience and moderation, to allow energy to flow fluidly, cleanly.

Countries, cities, homes, people, nature, the sky, the ocean can all become cluttered with cast-off energy. It must be cleared to allow the frequencies to flow smoothly between your seen and unseen, this life and “waking life”. Your physical senses (3D) should work in tandem with your non-physical senses (accessing information in 4D).

Elizabeth’s Note: For some reason, I’ve begun using the term “waking life” to describe universal energy which vibrates faster (than 3D), therefore beyond the physical plane.


Note: Torus energy should be a point of research for you. That is why you have seen it brought up many times in the past week. Back to manifest.

When people desire something, their Universe goes to work to bring it to them. If they only momentarily desire something, it may not manifest because the request takes time to pull all the data together and respond (using the computer metaphor again).  Think about it. One alarm goes off, you may not get a quick response, but if the alarm keeps going off, with no other alarms going of, and becoming louder and/or more frantic, response is often faster.

"Universal Mind Lattice" from the Sacred Mirrors installation by Alex Grey

“Universal Mind Lattice” from the Sacred Mirrors installation by Alex Grey

So prioritizing, desiring something over all else for an extended period of space/time, can bring it manifest.

Back to the original thought. Your (collective) desire to bring forth plastics and mobility through fossil fuels has been fulfilled; however, overuse (lack of balance and moderation) has created pollution. You must now (collectively) desire an unpolluted world. When this thought is prioritized and impressed upon above all others, it will be done. Again, moderation should be key. A desire to “sanitize” the world could be detrimental to nature as a whole. You must balance the output and intake in the physical plane to prevent implosion or explosion. All things in the Universe work with an “As Above, So Below” motion (torus). Too much Above, not enough Below, and you become only Above. Too much Below, not enough Above, and you become imbalanced toward Below. Nature, the torus, requires balance of both for the perfection of creation as it is produced through the geometry of two circles, in balance, combined, and flowing with each other.

Your body is a torus, and to live in line with the Universe, you must ingest energy that can move smoothly through your body. That energy must also escape/exit the body becoming of use in nature. The idea of diet is often somewhat foolish. If you simply look at the energy of what you consume, it’s ability to move through and exit, to become helpful again (as a compost/fertilizer), would allow you to live as ONE with nature. A diet consisting of processed foods, chemicals, etc… can give some energy to the above (you), but it may not move smoothly through your energy field, and it is often too convoluted with chemical waste products to be fully productive in nature. The by-product of ingestion must be put to good use. Same with your fossil fuels. The by-product of your car using gasoline, is currently not useful. It is a pollutant and Nature does not recognize it as anything but a pollutant, something which cannot be used; therefore, it becomes a black hole, sucking energy, but not returning it; whereas, a torus is sucking energy and returning it to itself in equal measure.

So manifesting can become a black hole if manifesting a desire which isn’t in line with nature.


Socrates is the name of the Higher Consciousness, or faster-vibrating universal energy, with which I am in tune. You may learn more in my Introduction to Socrates.

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