Socrates: Ingesting Clean, Clear Energy & Balancing Physical/Spiritual

Energy in YouYou are a vessel for energy, the conduit for both earth and universal energy. As such, you must stay clear of things that could muddy the flow, slow it down. You must vibrate higher. This means pulling up the golden cord of your nature energy and finding its center/connection with the silver cord of the Universal Energy.

Again this is where you see food as energy. Is it energy that is going to flow easily through your body, or will the flow be mucked up and even blocked in some areas? Are you getting energy from nature? YOU must. Cities and buildings are great. They are wonderful creations of the physical focus; man’s creativity, his “children”. You are a child of nature, and as such, you should make enough time for nature.

All that you create is your child. How will you treat that child?

You create in the image of you. How are you treating that image? With love and respect? Or do you ignore it or resent it? This includes your actual children, your art, your body/self, etc…

Some believe in gods and creators who resent and can even hate their own creations. Why hold reverence for a “god” who would turn on his own creations?

You choose to believe, instead, of a Universe which is abundant and loving. In return, you receive love and abundance. Believe in a god of a hate, you are more likely to be aware of hate in your world.


Socrates is the name of the Higher Consciousness, or faster-vibrating universal energy, with which I am in tune. You may learn more in my Introduction to Socrates.

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