Socrates: Notes on a State of Grace

gratitudejarThis post is not a direct pull from my regular Socrates automatic writing sessions. I have included information culled from my daily life.

I began a gratitude jar in mid-January thanks to a friend who posted the idea on social media. It’s almost full, and it’s only June! Once I began, I couldn’t stop. I started writing more things every single day. I’ve come to a period in my life where I’m grateful for every moment. I woke up this morning in an absolute state of grace; very much “blissed out” if you will.

Several weeks ago, a series of events took place which have flipped a switch inmy life, and my energy. I had psychic moments of synchronicity with a recognized medium, and the momentum hasn’t let up. I still feel as if I’m picking up more and more (and more!) every day.

I came home from a day of work yesterday feeling incredibly energized. Nothing extraordinary occurred. I worked. I made a decent amount of money. I interacted with several people, but I have found over the past few weeks that interactions with people, have been at a “deeper” level (for me anyway – maybe not for most of the people I meet). I see them as a connection of me, therefore I must treat them with the utmost love and respect (even the ugyly ones). I am no longer trying to be a good and happy person. I AM.

Last night I went to sleep feeling exceptionally full of thankfulness for a good day. During my “resting” hours, I had a vision so warm and intense. This is what I wrote in my dream journal after waking this morning:

earth-healingI was sending light and love out into the world, specifically to the Middle East. I gathered with many, many others, like the angels surrounding the earth in those new age pictures. We helped bring loving rods of light down from the heavens. I walked through a city, smiling, sending beams of love to every person I saw. I could feel their humanity, and they could feel mine, and we connected, and the spark grew to become a great bright light in which everything was bathed in LOVE.

After my morning chores, I stood at my window, sending love (and feeling love from) my plants. They have been growing and providing me with natural life in my home. Beyond my window, there are more plants and trees. If not for them, my view would be the back side of an apartment building, so I’m thankful for nature’s art instead. I’m trying to reach out to every living thing with this same gratitude; it’s an “I’m grateful you are here in front of me” kind of energy.

As I looked through the window, out into the warm sunlight, I thought, “I’m sending so much love out into the world.” And then it hit me! The dream I had last night was so very much like the vision I had a couple of months ago:

Then my friend introduced me to a beautiful silver-haired woman reclining on a dilapidated sofa. She wore colorful jewels and clothing, and her hair was perfectly coiffed. Introduced as his “new spiritual advisor”, I was quite jealous of the woman. I was upset because I was the one who used to be his spiritual advisor, but then she stood up and held my face in her hands exclaiming that I had a “beautiful energy”. When she touched me, I felt explosions of light and energy coursing through my head and face, and I knew I loved her with all of my being. She was getting excited saying how beautiful my aura was, and then she hugged me. When she did that, I thought my body would explode from the intensity of energy movement. It was as if I had rods of light shooting from my inner core, out through every pore in my body. I can’t really explain the dream-feeling, but it was better than any orgasm ever experienced (by anyone!), though in a very non-sexual way.

The light I felt infused in, and moving through, my body in the first dream was the same light I was helping to move in the dream last night. It was the SAME feeling, the same resonance. It was as if I was given the gift in Dream 1, and I was using it to help others in Dream 2.

And then, I had the thought to do my Suzanne Giesemann bibliomancy. I use the beautiful words from her book “In the Silence” to give me a thought or validation for the day. I close my eyes and flip the pages back and forth until I feel a call to stop. Before I picked up her book today, I kept thinking/feeling my Socrates and her Sanaya resonated, connected in some way. Sanaya is the Higher Consciousness Suzanne bridges with, like the connection I know with Socrates. She is the reason I began offering these messages for public consumption. Today I read the first line of her page for October 6, and I began to cry. I was moved by something so powerful, I can only imagine others may understand it as that intense evangelical moment when you know you ARE connected to something so much larger…

Here is the Giesemann passage I flipped to:


There are no accidents. Each one whose path you cross was put there for a reason. Look how very interconnected you are. There are infinite links in this web of circuits of which you are a part. Reaching out, you help to light up circuit after circuit until it becomes a teeming grid of light so bright that it can be felt around the world.”

She goes on to say, “A simple loving thought is a good place to start, and the next thing you know, that thought sets fire, spreading its flames and bringing in yet more Light.” Of course she also mentions synchronicity which, for me, is validation of those thoughts and visions which seemingly appear out of nowhere, but with the most perfect timing.

Shortly after I read that passage, my friend Allison messaged me. We hadn’t spoken in a while, but she said she’s been following a spiritual path. Her ability to tune into the “unseen” is getting stronger and stronger. She also validated a vision I’d had over a year ago involving a friend of hers. While Allison and I were connecting like never before, another friend posted a spiritual evolution quote further synchronizing the energy of my day. Really, this kind of thing is becoming a way of life  for me, and I hope to always see the blessing in it, never taking it for granted.

Oh, as if that’s not enough. When writing this piece, I was searching for a public picture which could potentially depict my vision of the light and the world, and I happened across the website of  psychic medium Lauren Robertson. In the post, she says, “I love every day, I give thanks every day and I make the presence of the spirit world a conscious and deliberate part of my life every day.”

Finally, during my Socrates/automatic writing session after breakfast today, I had this:

When you make gratitude a habit, when you find something to be thankful for every day between the rise and set of the sun, you will live in a constant state of grace.

Validated. Validated. Validated. And check!  I’ve received so much validation that living in gratitude is life-changing, world-changing even. This was my mind being blown today…


Socrates is the name of the Higher Consciousness, or faster-vibrating universal energy, with which I am in tune. You may learn more in my Introduction to Socrates.

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