Socrates: Go With the Flow

July 3, 2015

flowFlow is when you move through your day with everything falling into place: the right parking spot or a great seat on the train, breakfast and coffee on time, interactions with others going smoothly, allowing yourself to smile just because it’s a (simple) good day.

Living in flow, in synchronicity, will give you signs if you will only look. Elizabeth finds signs everywhere in feathers (of course she knows there could be a dead bird nearby), in great parking spaces, in timing, in her card readings for others, and in her interactions with other people who validate her thoughts and feelings (oftentimes, without them ever knowing it).

Living in flow is like riding an ocean current long distances, from one island to the next. You don’t have to work so hard at it because it will push you along. Go with the flow.

How do you get into the flow, to go with it? You must observe the world within and without, and be grateful for it. The reality is that there are so many things we wish weren’t in our lives, but you can live a different, easier reality by being grateful for those things you wish to keep and expand upon in your life.

Elizabeth’s gratitude jar has changed her world. It’s put her much more in flow with synchronistic events, validation and exceptional timing occurring daily now. Flow has become her life.

When animals go with the flow of the ocean’s strongest currents, they are going in with trust, believing they will end up where they are supposed to. Every morning when you wake, you should believe in your life’s flow. To get in tune with universal flow, you must create positive flow within (movement/exercise and good, clean food energy/diet). When you create the positive flow within with food/exercise and through things like active gratitude, meditation and prayer, you become part of the flow of the world around you. Pay attention.  Are you in flow, moving along easily, or are you out of the flow, frustrated, watching life pass you by?


Socrates is the name of the Higher Consciousness, or faster-vibrating universal energy, with which I am in tune. You may learn more in my Introduction to Socrates.

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