Socrates: Go With the Flow


July 3, 2015 Flow is when you move through your day with everything falling into place: the right parking spot or a great seat on the train, breakfast and coffee on time, interactions with others going smoothly, allowing yourself to smile just because it’s a (simple) good day. Living in…

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Thoughts Are Electromagnetic Realities


The science is there. Everything in the universe is energy vibrating at similar (or very different) speeds. This includes everything around us, both man and nature-made. It includes our bodies and even our thoughts. Your thoughts are electromagnetic realities. MAGNETIC. That means, the more you think a certain thing, the…

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Mercury Retrograde Revisited


I’ve written about my lament of Mercury Retrograde (MR), and it seems every time that planet appears to backward in our earthly sky, something goes amiss for me. Whether it’s communication, transportation or electronics going haywire, Mercury Retrograde has been a seasonal bane of my existence. Our buddy closest to the…

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Live What You Want


LIVE what you wish to BE. You must LIVE healthy to BE healthy. You must LIVE spirituality to BE spiritual. You must LOVE to BE loved. You must LIVE happiness to BE happy. What does this mean if you’re circumstances are the opposite of that which you wish to be?…

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She’ll Tell You Everything!


I’ve always known the Universe holds a wealth of knowledge if we only know how to access it, but I love the idea that she’s a gossip who is willing to tell you everything…. if you will only ask the right questions and learn to listen for the answers. Related…

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Butterfly to Spider (Animal Totems)


August through the first week or so of October, I must have seen a million butterflies. Ok, maybe not that many, but they were EVERYWHERE. I began pointing out my butterfly sightings to my family, and they were surprised at how many showed up when I was around. I did…

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Broke (for now) and Fine (always)

Mike Jagger sang, “You can’t always get what you want…. but you get what you need.”  This is my life right now, and I’m fine with that. In the previous two years, I have lived a relatively comfortable material life from a good-paying job as a travel agent. I left…

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