10-Card Past/Present/Future Video Reading


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In today’s world, many people don’t have time for a face-to-face or Skype tarot reading (or you’re around the globe, well out of my time zone). I offer a personalized, comprehensive video card reading for only $50. Believe it or not, I don’t need you right here in front of me to conduct a relevant, in-depth, personal reading for you. My spiritual tarot readings are all highly-rated whether I see you in-person, via Skype or prepared video. Purchase your video reading below, and prepare for an amazing, empowering message!

Go here to see this reading in action and get tips on what to expect with your Tarot card reading.

This is a deep spiritual reading, and it will give the overall energy you’re working with, and situations you need to focus on. Leave your expectations at the door. I am a highly-rated reader, but I want you to be satisfied. Make sure you are not expecting a particular answer or outcome. This information comes from the energy around you (Angels, spirit guides, the universe… whatever you wish to call it); therefore, the information shared is for your own benefit – not necessarily for your wished for/expected outcome.

Video link will be delivered via email. Please allow up to 3 days for delivery.

*** I will not predict pregnancies, sex of child, due dates, specifics on days/dates, etc… We have free will, so predictions are not always useful if you’ve already decided your outcome. ***


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