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Madame Marie Anne Lenormand was a famous fortune teller who gave advice to Tsar Alexander I and Napoleon Bonaparte. She used cartomancy (cards) to reveal psychic insight into the lives and futures of her exclusive clientele.

Today, the Lenormand deck consists of 36 cards. As a professional Tarot reader (who incorporates standard playing cards in readings), I had a difficult time picking up a new set of cards, so I created Lenormand Coins. The +Plus comes in because I added 4 more images which aren’t associated with the original deck. Those symbols include “YOU”, “OTHERS”, “PRAYER”, and “ANGEL.

These coins were created for ease-of-use. Place them in your favorite bag, and pull them out one at a time for yes/no answers. Or grab a handful and cast them on a casting sheet, cloth, or shallow box/lid for more in-depth results. You will be surprised at the incredible accuracy these traditional designs provide.

Each handmade wooden coin set may have slight blemishes, but the energy and intention of the kit will be revealed with your very first use!

Set comes with 40 coins and a sheet of quick meanings for the beginner. If you’re a regular Lenormand reader, you will definitely want to add this interesting tool to your collection.

**Note: divination is a personal journey, and as such, Elizabeth Seer makes no promises, guarantees, representations, or warranties, expressed or implied, and assumes no duty or liability with regard to the answers and outcomes you receive, and the actions taken thereof.


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