USD Hell Note for Manifesting and Money Drawing – Easy-burn Joss Paper


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“Hell money” or “hell notes” has tradition in Chinese culture. In traditional Chinese belief, it is thought the souls of the dead are first judged by the Lord of the Earthly Court, Yan Wang. After this particular judgement, they are either escorted to heaven or sent into the maze of underworld levels and chambers to atone for their sins. People believe that even in the earthly court, spirits need to use money, so joss paper resembling bank notes would be burned for the spirit to have money.

In modern day Western culture, hell money is used for manifesting, intention, and spellwork to draw money to oneself. I personally use them by writing my name across the note 7 times, front and back. I then fold the note 3 times and burn it over a fire-safe bowl while invoking the intention of this money coming back to me, plus some. The first time I used this method, I received an unexpected $150 check in the mail within 3 days. INTENTION IS EVERYTHING!

This listing is for SEVEN (7) $100 USD Hell notes for $4.00.

**These notes are not an official form of currency or legal tender, and they are printed as such, since their sole intended purpose is to be offered as burnt offerings.

***Do not burn in unsafe conditions. Always use fireproof cauldron or bowl.


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