Capricorn = Materialism (aka The Devil)


We are now in the sun sign of Sagittarius (December 23 – January 19).  Capricorn is represented by the Devil in the tarot (Major Arcana, #15)*. The Devil is often called “Materialism” in modern tarot decks.  The card means obsession, enslavement and overindulgence. I find the card fits into the time…

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December 21, 2012: A New Age (not necessarily the hippie, crystal-wearing kind)

The Star from the Aeclectic Tarot

Ok, before you put REM’s “End of the World” song on repeat starting at midnight tonight, you should probably know a few things about tomorrow (December 21, 2012)… Not only is tomorrow the winter solstice, but it is also considered (by many) to be the beginning of a new age…

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