Tarot Parties


Tarot parties are a fun, uplifting way to get a reading. Many people can feel a bit apprehensive and nervous about their first visit with a psychic. Receiving a Tarot reading, knowing others you trust are around, is a safe and exciting way to introduce yourself and/or others to the process.

I have visited businesses at lunch time, setting up in an empty office or conference room as well as private home and garden parties (though I’m going to ask we keep it indoors for these Phoenix summers).

The Tarot party is a big hit for bachelorette parties, bridal and baby showers, and girls night out/in. Don’t worry guys there are plenty of parties that will allow you to join in the fun, too! I’ve worked several gatherings at restaurants and bars. The venue is yours for the choosing. *

I will come to your home or office party for only $150 for 2 hours.*  Your choice of 4-card readings for up to 12 people or more in-depth 10-card readings for up to 5 people (this is much cheaper than my normal rate of $50 per reading).

I also work corporate parties and events for $100/hour, offering short 3-card past/present/future readings to your guests. (All hourly parties, minimum 2 hours)



Things to know before your party:

  • I must have a space, corner of the room, cool patio or other area where I can speak at normal volume. Putting me next to the DJ or band negates my work and is quite unhealthy for me if I have to scream all night. Full payment is still expected if I have to stop my readings due to the volume of other entertainment.
  • Drinking cocktails is fine. As a matter of fact, 1 or 2 drinks before a reading can help relax the person I’m reading for; however, I reserve the right to refuse service to those who are obviously intoxicated. The point of the reading and the use of my energy will be wasted (pun fully intended).
  • A 10-card reading will last approximately 20  to 30 minutes per person depending on the information coming through the cards. Please allow time for that (i.e. if this is a business lunch party, you may want to stagger lunch hours so everybody gets a chance at a reading).
    • 3 and 4-card readings last around 5 – 7 minutes (or less) per person.
  • I can offer my location in Midtown Phoenix for your party. Space is limited, and you will need to provide your own snacks, drinks, etc. My location may allow for a maximum of 12 people.  I have a private open reading room, so individual readings can be private if the sitter prefers.
  • Parties may be paid for in advance through Venmo,  PayPal, Square invoice, or cash on arrival. I can also swipe cards through Square.
    • Tipping is never expected though gratefully accepted.

* Party location within 2 miles of my location will not be charged additional transportation surcharge.

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