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The Genius of Thought (And the Search for the Unseen)
The Genius of Thought (And the Search for the Unseen)

The Genius of Thought (And the Search for the Unseen)

I was perusing my Facebook page, and realized I often put quotables (or memes) on my timeline because I’m a fan of great thinkers and teachers.  Many people may conclude there is an opposition between the thoughts of the scientist and the spiritual guru, but the thinking of the two seemingly-disparate teachers are in fact one and thesame.

Both Albert Einstein and His Holiness the Dalai Lama have used a part of their brain to access universal knowledge and convey it in terms they (and those who learn from them) can understand.

I have to admit that my ego gets a little pissed off when my few “open-minded” creationist friends dis my explanation of Darwin and Mother Teresa as searching for the same thing.  They sought to know the unseen within our universe.  Both used their individual experience and understanding of the world to explain their beliefs.

Unfortunately, for our world wrought with ignorance and disconnection, many people have a difficult time marrying their science and spirituality.  Many scientists equate all spirit with organized religion.  Many religions equate all science with atheism.  Not true.  For me, quantum physics is the baby of understanding and faith.  What is Quantum Physics? Probably the easiest way to begin is with the elements of Quantum Theory.

Quantum physics is a branch of science that deals with discrete, indivisible units of energy called quanta as described by the Quantum Theory. There are five main ideas represented in Quantum Theory:

  1. Energy is not continuous, but comes in small but discrete units.
  2. The elementary particles behave both like particles and like waves.
  3. The movement of these particles is inherently random.
  4. It is physically impossible to know both the position and the momentum of a particle at the same time. The more precisely one is known, the less precise the measurement of the other is.
  5. The atomic world is nothing like the world we live in.

Like all unseen science that begins with but a theory, quantum physics is trying to find the connection of the minutest matter within our sight.  In fact, the particles are NOT within our biologically-inept physical sight.  We must seek them out starting with the initial belief that they even exist.  It’s the scientific,  yet very spiritual, quest to find a connection to an unseen god or creator of the universe.  The search for the Higgs boson particle is a perfect example of a popular modern day inquiry to find the “God Particle” (that which is the platform from which all mass comes into existence). In that examination, the scientific and the spiritual are coupled in faith.

Teachers can only teach what they understand. The scientist teaches of the universe in the physical sense.  The spiritualist teaches within the understanding of that sense – the non-physical universe.  Some students are better with one over the other, but should never judge one as better because, in the end, perception is the reality of the perceiver. Just ask Erwin Schrödinger. <wink>

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