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Aries = The Emperor
Aries = The Emperor

Aries = The Emperor

We are now in the sun sign of Aries (March 21 – April 20).  Aries is represented by the Emperor in the tarot (Major Arcana, #4)*, and it is the sign that begins the Western astrological wheel.

The Emperor is represented by the father and thus represents a sense of discipline and structure.  You may find, during the time of this sign, it becomes easier to create a new discipline in your life, or you may find help that comes to you in that form.  Certain rules are required for desired outcomes.  The keyword for the Emperor is Father; therefore, issues of the father or one’s own fatherhood can be indicated in a reading with this card.

For those born under the sign of Aries, the following characterization will likely apply.  Aries is a Cardinal sign, so they like to lead – or at least have a large fan base (which is normally easy because of the natural charisma this fire sign exudes).  One should be aware of their control and discipline.  Are you being forceful? Overbearing?  Control can also be found in compassion and empathy.  From my book “Personalities of the Tarot (A Guide to Know Thyself through Astrology and Tarot)”:

The Emperor by Kurehito Misaki from Kiseki Tarot (Manga Tarot Artbook).
The Emperor by Kurehito Misaki from Kiseki Tarot (Manga Tarot Artbook).


  • Fathering, guiding, authority
  • Discipline, structure, stability
  • Establishing rules, exerting control, taking command

The Emperor is an indication of fatherhood, or a father figure.  This can relate to “daddy issues” in one’s life whether it is your own father or you as a father.  There is a need for discipline and structure because sometimes the Emperor can be “too direct” with his energy and enthusiasm.

You should always make sure that you’re not being overly controlling or tyrannical which can happen if the Emperor manifests the shadow side of his energy. This energy can also lead to a lack of self-control or ambition and possibly even run-ins with authority figures. A sense of powerlessness can accompany the negative aspects of this card.   You must remember that you have the ability to create order out of chaos by creating, and sticking to, a solid plan of action.

Famous Aries: Eric Clapton, Christopher Walken, Heath Ledger, Betty Ford, Julian Lennon, Loretta Lynn, Conan O’Brien


*Note:  There are differing schools of thought re: astro/tarot interpretation. My personal use of Tarot and astrological correspondence is information which resonates with me, learned over years of study. 

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