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Vegan Diet: Week 4 (The Hanged Man)
Vegan Diet: Week 4 (The Hanged Man)

Vegan Diet: Week 4 (The Hanged Man)

heart-veggiesI’m now beginning week 4 of a vegan diet. I watched several documentaries, read the books, and decided it was time to see if it would help me feel better.  It has. I was tired for the first few days of the diet change; though, I also began running a couple of miles every night on top of my daily 4-mile bicycle commute for work.

After those first several days, I began experiencing an incredible energy in my body, and I was smiling all of the time (without the use of recreational drugs, I might add – hehehe).

Needless to say, it’s been working for me; though it’s been very rough going giving up certain cravings at certain times of the month (i.e. chocolate and, well, meat).  The diet isn’t for everybody, but it’s working for me right now.

Today was a tofu/veggie scramble for breakfast. I couldn’t even try to pretend it replaced my craving for a “real” breakfast of bacon/egg/cheese sandwich, but those cravings are weakening every day as I see the situation from a totally different perspective (i.e. how my body feels versus how my taste buds feel).

I did, however, enjoy my breakfast.  I’m in that painful transition period of breaking old habits and building new ones.  I want to (and shall) crave all the good things I’m eating now. I’d say it’s been a “Hanged Man kind of period”. (It’s also no accident that Transition (aka “Death”) closely follows the Hanged Man in the tarot.

From my book: “Ex Libris Tarot {From the Library of Tarot}”


Le Tarot des Alchimistes
Le Tarot des Alchimistes
  • Letting go, acceptance, ending the struggle, release
  • Reversal, change of mind, new perspective
  • Reflection, living in the moment, suspension
  • Sacrifice, putting others first, giving up

 The Hanged Man waits in faith for fulfillment of desires.  Unexpected views, attitudes or decisions will come into play.  He could be an indication that you are being asked to surrender something such as a behavior, addiction, belief, way of thinking, etc.

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