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Inside Out: Where is Your Focus? (The Sun)
Inside Out: Where is Your Focus? (The Sun)

Inside Out: Where is Your Focus? (The Sun)

sunTaking care of the inside. I’ve heard it from different sources throughout my life, but I don’t think I ever really paid attention to  what it truly meant.   What am I blathering on about like some new age self-help life-coach?

Let’s get pseudo-scientific for a moment.  The Sun has a molten core creating the gaseous light that we see from our speck of a rock in the Universe. The energy comes from the inside, and the light and warmth is simply “side-effect” of that energy.

If you take that same concept, and imagine yourself as an energy source, you will find that concentrating on your core, will show on the outside.

As a lot of my friends (and readers) know, I’ve been vegan for over 2 months now.  I’ve also been running 2 – 3 miles a night 4 to 5 nights a week.  I ride my bike to/from work (2 miles each way).   We don’t  own a car by choice, so my guy (Mark) and I walk or ride everywhere we go.

Elizabeth Seer
At  the party – April, 2013

I recently attended a friend’s birthday party, and everybody told me I looked great and that I was “glowing”.  I explained how, once I stopped concentrating on the outside, and put my focus on the inside (i.e. removing all animal products from my diet and running to train for a 5K), my body responded both in and out.  I simply felt better (after the first couple of days “detoxing”), and I had more energy and even more mental acuity.  My body responded through weight loss and a natural glow that told people I was healthy.  I wasn’t dieting and exercising to look better.  I was doing it to FEEL better.  The “side effect” of looking better simply came with the feeling better.

If we relate all of this back to the tarot, The Sun (# 19 in the major arcana) is all about vitality, enlightenment and understanding.

I am proof that if you create new habits (through understanding) with the idea of feeling better, everything else will fall into place (like vitality).  Concentrating on my insides are certainly appearing on the outside – just like the big star that our Earth is drawn to.

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