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(Astro Sign) Cancer = The Chariot
(Astro Sign) Cancer = The Chariot

(Astro Sign) Cancer = The Chariot

June 22 to July 21 is ruled by the sign of Cancer.  In the Tarot, The Chariot (Major Arcana, #7)* is associated with the sign.  The Chariot is victorious accomplishment through harnessing one’s energy and applying it to a goal.  I call it the “keeping your eye on the ball card” because it means you can catch that ball if you following it’s trajectory all the way to your glove.  Don’t turn away, or even blink, because you could drop the ball or miss it completely.

Coming off the summer solstice (late June/when Cancer begins) this sign/card is about achievement through willpower. There is a strong energy created after equal night and day, and it’s up to the us to harness it and use it wisely. During this period opportunities may arise that will pay off well in the end if you will apply the energy required for attainment.

Because Cancer is a water sign, emotions will always be prominent in the lives of those born under it.  Accomplishment can be achieved, but there could be difficulty in relationships along the way; especially if one’s focus on attainment is so strong they fail to see the energy required in personal relationships.  Domination over others will always come at a price. It’s best to dominate the self, and create the focus needed to attain goals.

This period is an opportunity to master emotions and curb your impulses and/or anger. It’s a time to assert control in your life to obtain your desire(s). Put your energy into your true will, and you will see progress.

MEDITATION: Meditate on this card if you are looking to gain more willpower to reach a goal. This card is a reminder that you CAN win when you harness your power.

From my book “Personalities of the Tarot (A Guide to Know Thyself through Astrology and Tarot)”:

The Chariot from The Gilded Tarot deckThe Chariot


  • Winning, dominating, reaching goals, victory
  • Determination, willpower, above temptation, assertion
  • Discipline, mastery, concentration

The Chariot indicates that harnessing energy, and applying it wisely, will bring positive results.  Do not doubt yourself or the situation, and victory will be yours.  Keep your eye on the ball, and you will win the day. You can rely on the strength of your own will to overcome obstacles placed in your path.

If manifested through a darker lens, the Chariot can make one feel powerless or at the mercy of outside forces. A lack of self-control and energy can come across through overtly aggressive behavior that will probably be regretted once you get back in sync with your goals and desires.

Famous Cancer: Meryl Streep; Frances McDormand, Jack Dempsey, John Cusack, Neil Simon, Dalai Lama XIV; Ringo Starr, Tom Hanks, Cat Stevens


*Note:  There are differing schools of thought re: astro/tarot interpretation. My personal use of Tarot and astrological correspondence is information which resonates with me, learned over years of study. 


  1. Cheryl Lewis

    This was an amazing insight of my sign, and will take heed in harnessing my energy towards my positive goals, yet also try to realize the power of letting some of that energy go.

    You’re Awesome!!

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