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Heal Your Spirit. Heal Your Body.
Heal Your Spirit. Heal Your Body.

Heal Your Spirit. Heal Your Body.

I used the image of the White Tara in this meme because she is a Buddhist symbol for healing, long life and serenity. Inner peace goes hand-in-hand with overall health. A recent study (and I’m sure there are MANY) indicates that a healthful lifestyle including a plant-based diet, exercise and meditation increases longevity and could actually reverse certain health issues.

If you want a healthy body, you must try to alleviate stress as much as possible. I, for one, know it’s incredibly difficult in the Western world, but meditation and finding peace in your mind and heart  can help in healing the body.

I’m not saying that meditation alone will cure your cancer or heart disease, but finding harmony within will go a long way in creating a better quality of life.



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