The Happiness List

happyskyI have a thing for being happy. I like to be happy, and I like to be around happy people, doing happy things. Here is an article from the Huffington Post explaining The Habits of Supremely Happy People“.  Here are those habits in a quick list.

I can say that I try to follow all of these quite naturally, but every once in a while, I have a problem unplugging.  I would also like to give and exercise much more! Which of these habits do you follow? Which ones do you need to work on?

  • They surround themselves with other happy people.
  • They smile when they mean it.
  • They cultivate resilience.
  • They try to be happy.
  • They are mindful of the good.
  • They appreciate simple pleasures.
  • They devote some of their time to giving.
  • They let themselves lose track of time. (And sometimes they can’t help it.)
  • They nix the small talk for deeper conversation.
  • They spend money on other people.
  • They make a point to listen.
  • They uphold in-person connections.
  • They look on the bright side.
  • They value a good mixtape.
  • They unplug.
  • They get spiritual.
  • They make exercise a priority.
  • They go outside.
  • They spend some time on the pillow.
  • They LOL.
  • They walk the walk.


  1. Love it. I feel I try do most of those things. I’m with you getting unplugged more is something I should try do more of. Life is too short not to do these things. 🙂

    • Thank you for reading! I really enjoyed this list, finding the things I’m already doing and still need to do. It also correlates with that movie “Happy”. One of my favorite things for my personal happiness, which I don’t get to do often enough these days, is listen to music. I have always loved music and find great stress relief and comfort in it.

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