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The Spirit Gene
The Spirit Gene

The Spirit Gene

dnaWe’re all born with the spirit gene. No matter who you are. Your philosophical and religious beliefs, geography, social status and skin color are of no concern. Even atheists have it. Every person ever born has it because the spirit gene is simply the ability for kindness and respect.

Whether choosing to focus on, or even use that ability, is up to the individual. Like any gene, it can lay dormant for a time, or even forever, but it can easily be activated. Also, like any gene, it can become mutated. A mutated spirit gene can result in an abundance of love, respect and kindness, or it can be seen as a total lack thereof. External factors for gene activation and mutation include family relations, religious beliefs and societal behavior among other influences.

Kindness should become the natural way of life,not the exception.”

– Buddha

It only takes one person to activate the spirit genein others through an act of love, kindness and respect (works best if this occurs at the earliest stages of human development). Some religious and philosophical beliefs encourage this; others do not. Religion, however, is not required for the spirit gene to function properly. You only need to know kindness and respect. You know something once you’ve witnessed or experienced it.

Is your spirit gene activated?

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