Learn Tarot: Chapter 2 – Choosing Your First Tarot Deck (Video)

This is the first release in a video series I’m hoping to publish online, so everybody interested can easily learn the art of tarot divination. 

Interested in learning to tarot but don’t know where to begin? Get a copy of my book, “Ex Libris Tarot {From the Library of Tarot}” and watch the video below to get started.

I came to my first tarot deck at the urging of a friend. I was across the country from friends and family and feeling very out of sorts. He said I should pick up a deck and learn to read the cards. He thought I would be good at it. Because he had also lived in Atlanta, he was able to tell me the exact place to go – Crystal Blue in Little Five Points.

He told me the book to get, and he said I should just plop myself down in front of the card area in the store, reading the boxes, inspecting the art and find the one that I was most drawn to. It was the Connolly deck. It’s now nice and worn and only used for my own readings.

Note: Click “HD” in the lower right corner to disable HD mode if you’re experiencing skipping or freezing in the video.

Learn more about the cards through my books “Ex Libris Tarot {From the Library of Tarot}” and “Personalities of the Tarot {A Guide to Know Thyself Through Astrology and Tarot}”.


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