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Change is Growth
Change is Growth

Change is Growth

Let’s be honest, it’s easy not to change. It’s easy just to live day-in, day-out the same way every single moment, never experiencing anything new. It’s uncomfortable to change, to learn new habits and ways of being. Why bother?

There is growth in change. We grow as we take on, and learn, new things about ourselves and the world around us. There is pain in change as we leave old ways of being behind and learn new ways of living, but there is a beauty to that change.

Ever hear of growing pains (the experience, not the hit 80’s sitcom starring Kirk Cameron, Alan Thicke, and later Leonardo DiCaprio)? There is a certain level discomfort involved with growth. The butterfly spinning, living and breaking out of her cocoon; the spider crawling out of its own exoskeleton; the reptile shedding its skin; the child shooting up 6 inches in 8 months (as I did at age 13).  None of these are comfortable or even “fun”, but the end result is growth.

Growth needn’t just be with the body, it is also in the mind and spirit – letting go of old habits and creating new, healthier, happier ways of being is not easy, but it’s worth it and can be beautiful


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