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Belief is in the Eye of the Believer
Belief is in the Eye of the Believer

Belief is in the Eye of the Believer

I failed chemistry (the teacher was boring), but I love physics – the laws and the theories (and the sexy mad scientist-types). Physics tells the story of us through time and space; much like sacred texts tell the story of us for the religious.

Your truth is yours alone, and if you believe in a single God with human traits mastering this whole earthly scenario, well that’s OK, too. It’s YOUR truth, and as long as your truth doesn’t hurt or impede another’s growth, I’m all for it.

Belief and personal truth can flex and change as we experience the world around us and grow wiser with each passing day. My belief system is very fluid as I learn new things through science and personal spiritual experience like deep meditation. I know what I know about the Universe, and my sincerest belief is that I will learn more – much more – before and after my physical death.


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