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Discipline for Manifestation
Discipline for Manifestation

Discipline for Manifestation

I’m a big proponent of manifesting one’s own desires. I’ve seen and lived it. I’ve learned it’s very important to remember that mere desire will not bring about that which you want.  You must make room in your life for new things (i.e. hoarders have a difficult time manifesting a life beyond the hoard). I find that “living lean”  usually works best for bringing new things to you.

You must also create discipline to show the universe your willingness to have something, and then you must take some sort of action. Goals (manifested dreams) require discipline in action.

I want to live in material comfort. I don’t want to need for money to cover my expenses. I can tell this to the universe, but if my actions show that I don’t want money – by constantly spending down to the wire, overspending or not staying within a reasonable budget – that thing may never come about.

I want to be thin. Diet and exercise are required. Let’s be honest. Unless you’re born with a ridiculous metabolism, or have medical issues preventing weight gain, you should probably limit your diet and exercise to remain in good health. That requires discipline.

Discipline segues nicely into gratitude. Here’s an example:

You want a new car because the car you have is getting older and doesn’t have important things like a/c (especially when living in the Arizona desert).  The problem is that you’re not taking care of the car you already have. You leave trash in it, don’t wash it or get regular maintenance for it, etc. You’re basically telling the universe you don’t have the time or energy for a new car because the one you have now is not worth your time or energy. You haven’t prioritized it.

That same idea can translate to anything you desire. You want a new body, but you’re doing nothing to get there. You want a new relationship, job, home, etc., but you’re doing nothing to get there. Discipline in showing the universe your true wish will do wonders.


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