(VIDEO) What You Can Expect From Your Tarot Reading

Below is a video showing a 10-card tarot reading that I conducted for a video reading client, November 2014. The reading turned out to be 10 + 8 additional cards. I read the first 10 cards from the bottom of the stack; however, if the stack splits, I will pull 4 additional cards from each split.  Most of my tarot readings will flow like this whether you purchase a video reading or if you’re in-person and Skype. In case you’re wondering, the client gave me 5 out of 5 stars and a glowing review.

Who should you bring to your reading?

So what can you expect when you get a reading with me?

  • You can expect to receive information validating where you’ve been, where you are and where you will be (IF you don’t change anything on your path. Readings are based on circumstances at the time of the reading. Should you not like the outcome, you can always make decisions to change it).
  • My readings validate your path to give you insight on where your energies are (and maybe should be) focused. The information I get in the cards is empathic, meaning I pick up on the energy of the person I’m reading for.
  • I won’t do readings for others (i.e. you can’t ask me to read the cards for another person – I only do it with permission from the person the reading is for).
  • I will not predict pregnancies, deaths, weddings, etc.  I’m not that kind of psychic. I am an interpreter of energy. There are times when I pick up “new birth” or “great sorrow”, but I don’t know how it will fit into your life. That is  for you to know.
  • I will not make decisions for you, like telling you to leave your husband or job,etc…
  • I will not ask you to pay more for my prayers, and candles, spells and so on. I pray for everyone I meet anyway (free of charge).
  • I am discreet. Your reading remains YOUR reading. I don’t share the details of one person’s reading with another.




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