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The List (I Got What I Wanted)
The List (I Got What I Wanted)

The List (I Got What I Wanted)

Below is a picture of the list I wrote and attached to the front of my refrigerator earlier this year.  I gave away or sold everything before moving to Hawai’i a couple of years ago. Upon my return to Arizona, I had NOTHING. I lived for a time in a tiny studio with my boyfriend and his dog, but I needed my own space to decorate, call my own, and find peace. I ended up in the studio next door, and this was one of the first things I decided to do: make a list of things I wanted/needed (like a bed) within the next several months. I was able to cross the big material stuff off the list this past week with the purchase of a used car.
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I wrote the list around March (2014). I was  sitting in my empty space thinking about the “big ticket” or important items I desired in the near future. I didn’t necessarily need them, but I wanted the to make my re-made life in the desert a bit more tolerable. I’m here for family, and while they are tolerable, the heat and varying shades of brown are kind of a downer for me.

At the bottom of the list, in big letters, I wrote “Physical & Spiritual Health”.  I knew  I couldn’t achieve those material things without the most important components – physical and spiritual health. Just so we’re clear. I equate those two things to pure happiness.  Physical and spiritual health go hand-in-hand. If you’re missing one, the other is, more often than not, off-kilter as well.

On July 11th of this year I left the travel agent position. The list was just about complete, and I had secured what I needed out of the corporate job. I’m embarking on yet another adventure where I try to work full-time as a spiritual advisor/tarot reader.  Within a week “CAR” was crossed off my list.

I didn’t really meditate or pray very hard on it. I just wrote the list knowing those things would come to me. I never doubted they would. Four months later, they have. The lack of expectation allowed things to come to me naturally, at the right time. Manifesting wishes shouldn’t be a job or chore. It should simply occur once the order is placed with the universe. With that, it’s important not to put the universe on your schedule. With time it will happen, if you know it will, without a reason for doubt.

I’m leaving the list up because I’m still working on a few things like moving away from chemical and petroleum-based beauty products such as moisturizer, shampoo and soap.  I’m also working on getting a bit more “girly” now that I’m not riding my bicycle 2 miles to work in 120 degree heat. For the past few years my wardrobe has been mostly shorts and t-shirts. I figure that since the inside is making such wonderful changes, the outside should, too. I’m leaving the list up as a reminder of what physical and spiritual health can do for me.



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