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Bullies Can Be Nice People Like Me
Bullies Can Be Nice People Like Me

Bullies Can Be Nice People Like Me

I was perusing my personal Facebook feed (different from my Elizabeth Seer page), and I came across a video making fun of people who visit Wal-Mart. Don’t get me wrong. I abhor everything that is Wal-Mart with its atrocious record of taking advantage of employees, globalization and planet-killing practices (just to name a few). I was also one of the first people to laugh at the People of Wal-mart page many years ago, but today I realized the horrifying truth. I’m a bully.

mean-people-suckI have found humor at the expense another person. Hell, at the expense of many other people who were just going about their daily lives when their picture was snapped at an opportune moment by another bully. You see it all over the internet with memes and pages and sites chock full of people who have unwittingly been turned into laughable caricatures of humanity.  There are the fat people wearing too little, unfortunate clothing choices, men in skirts, women with bad haircuts, men with mullets, and the list of their crimes against humanity goes on and on.  Many of us simply find it appalling that someone would dare show themselves in public looking like that.

I’ve noticed that so many of the people in these pictures seem to have simply given up on life. They look as if they’ve forgotten what it’s like to care about the image they present to the world. Don’t get me wrong. I’m sure there are many in those pictures who leave the house feeling beautiful and good about themselves (good for them!).  Instead of snapping pictures to create the next best funny site, to get others to laugh and point, we should be thinking about how we can help these people rise up and be the best version of them that they can possibly be. That starts with being the best version of you that you can be.

Humor is good, and having the ability to laugh at oneself is a very attractive quality. Laughing at others because of the way they look is a horrible way for humans to behave toward each other, and our media has set a precedent for it. We are spoon-fed what we should look like, and when we don’t conform, we become fodder for others’ insecure humor. True comedy should be intelligent and witty without judgmental commentary on the looks of another to get a giggle.

Do you find yourself laughing and sharing these videos and pictures of others?  There is no love or enlightenment in this practice.  You’re probably a nice person most times, but in those instances, you’re a bully. Just like me.


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