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E = Emotion
E = Emotion

E = Emotion


Ok, so my pal Al Einstein had it correct: E = Energy, but I had a profound incident yesterday reminding me that EMOTION = ENERGY. Get it? The E sets things in motion; thus, Emotion.

I was reminded in no uncertain terms that those things we put a lot of feeling behind tend to manifest and multiply in our lives.

Let’s take a look at the basis for the modern-day word, emotion:

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left” width=”100%”]Origin of EMOTION

Middle French, from emouvoir to stir up, from Old Frenchesmovoir, from Latin emovēre to remove, displace, from e-movēre to move

First Known Use: 1579


To move, stir up, displace…  Seems pretty accurate.

Now for my story, part of which was “reasoned through” in a free-writing session later that night:

I’d had a long, rough day of driving yesterday. I’ve had my (used) car for only 5 weeks, and I’m so grateful for it. I have a100_1854 lot of gratitude and try to put out positive vibes for the fact that it gets me where I need to go. I even bought a tire cover that says “Life is Good” to spread good cheer where ever I go.

Unfortunately, my day began with being cut-off at a dangerously close distance not once, but twice by the same car within a half mile stretch. On my return from my mother’s house, I was once again cut-off by somebody who was using the left lane for his own NASCAR experience, barely missing my front right quarter panel. At this point, I was cursing him and every other jerk, disrespectful driver out there. Alone in my car, I used A LOT of expletives that are not appropriate for most conversation. A couple of hours later, I was returning from picking up my guy when a bus came dangerously close to us, and I once again went on a tirade over horrible, selfish drivers.

When I came home, I was still fuming over all of the people driving around in their 2,000 pound vehicles, at dangerously high speeds, with no regard for anybody else on the street, so I did what I do best.  In my snarky, foul-mouthed way, I wrote a Facebook post deriding every horrible, self-centered piece of @#%! driver out there. I vented and allowed my frustration to flow into words (which we know carry A LOT of energy).  I received several LIKES and comments, thus making my ego feel better that others agreed.

Fast forward 3 hours. We went to see a movie. As we walked up to our vehicle to leave the parking garage, we found an oversized car had parked in the compact space next to us, leaving absolutely no room for us to open the driver’s side door. There was only about 3 inches of space at the very back (he had parked in a very strange position), and less than 8 inches on the driver’s side. There were small dents and dings along the side of my car where his passengers apparently attempted to get out, hitting my car, and his black mirror at also scraped the left rear quarter panel when he pulled in.angry

I was in complete disbelief, and I was so angry that somebody would blemish the car I had worked so hard to purchase. I was ranting, cursing and oozing anger.  I had been so proud of the fact that it was in very good condition for a car of it’s age when I purchased it, and then it  receives damage from a jerk driver who obviously has no regard for his own car, let alone mine. I became even more angry that, because it happened on private property, the police wouldn’t make a report. They said to “call your insurance company”.

And then it hit me like a ton of bricks crumbling from the top of an unsupported wall. From my auto-writing later that night –

[pullquote align=”left|center|right” textalign=”left” width=”100%”]The “Observant Manifester”. When you recognize the correlations between events. When cut off this morning, you put out to the universe that other drivers were bad. Then happened on your drive home and on the return from getting (boyfriend) from work, so it should be no surprise that the car hit you in the parking garage while you were at a movie you couldn’t even watch because of the motion sickness you experienced. Your FEELING is what set this all in motion. EMOTION IS MOTION WITH E (for energy). When you observe this feeling – if you don’t want it – then you must change your emotional reaction to events. When you become accustomed to feeling a certain way, those feelings are always reinforced.[/pullquote]

Here’s the thing. I’m not saying if I’d had a splendid day driving, this same scenario wouldn’t have played out in the parking garage that night. Crap things happen at the end of seemingly good days all of the time. Though, with witnessing for years how the universe always delivers to me what I send out (especially when there is a lot of feeling behind it) really drove this lesson home.

I am not getting behind the wheel for at least a day or two (which means I can drink wine!) while I work on a habit of creating positive feelings for my driving experience.

After my return home last night, I immediately removed my negative Facebook post and replaced it with this:

Had to delete my previous post about asshole drivers because when you put that out into the universe (with FEELING), you will be rewarded with more of the same. Lesson learned universe. Lesson learned.


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