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Embarrassed by my Beliefs?
Embarrassed by my Beliefs?

Embarrassed by my Beliefs?

buddha_loveI was wondering why so many of my personal friends on Facebook weren’t liking my Elizabeth Seer page. I had two friends privately respond they didn’t want their friends or family to see them fraternizing with somebody who was outside of their faith.  It would make them uncomfortable to answer questions from people in their personal social sphere about why they like my page.

Question: “Why did you like that Elizabeth Seer page?  She is obviously into astrology and tarot cards?”

Answer: “She is also an avid believer of science, especially at the energy/quantum level, and she believes in God, angels, etc…”

I think it’s difficult for many, who believe they are the only people of spirit, to recognize that somebody like me can also be a person of faith. I’ve had experience with LDS, Catholicism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Southern Baptist, and so on. I think that church and faith are great for people who want or need the structure and community of religion. I am often moved to tears by Gospel music; though, I am not a practicing Christian. I have an affinity for Catholic ritual, and I seek the enlightenment of the Buddha; though I don’t strictly align myself with either of these faiths. I also think that quantum physics and math put us closer to God as we understand the make-up of our universe. Embarrassing, huh?

I am not just a tarot reader and astrologer. I seek to be and understand all things so that my judgments are not wrapped in an insulated perception of the world. I write about social concepts alongside astrological profiles. “But my Bible says to beware of diviners and astrologers.”  My response is that your Bible also tells you to have many wives, beat your slaves and eat the children of your enemy among many other things considered rather ignorant and abominable in today’s society.

I am not a charlatan of yore. I speak with reason and understanding of things  many don’t wish to grasp. My readings are enlightening and uplifting, they don’t portend doom and gloom. I am a teacher and spiritual advisor who can put you closer to the enlightened God of your choosing (note I said the enlightened God, not the ignorant God).  I am not an embarrassment. I am an aid to your self-awareness and personal empowerment because knowledge is next to godliness.

If we are all children of God, we should know that, as a good parent, God loves us unconditionally. I also love my friends and family unconditionally, even if I don’t agree with their perceptions of me and the world around them. Truth is in the heart of the beholder after all.

You don’t have to like my page. I’m OK with that, but you might want to think twice about our friendship (or your beliefs) if I have to be your dirty little secret.

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