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Trying vs. Doing
Trying vs. Doing

Trying vs. Doing

I received an intuitive, energy-moving massage a couple of weeks ago (my first full body massage EVER). When she ask what energy work I was doing for myself, I said, “I’m trying to clear, activate and open my lower chakras; specifically the sacral and solar plexuses. They have been my problem area for years.”

She wisely said to me, “So you’re only trying, or are you actually opening your chakras?”

Semantics can make all the difference when working with the body and spirit. If I say, “I’m trying…”, I indicate to the universe that something hasn’t actually occurred yet. If I say, “I’m doing…”, then the universe sees this has already occurring and thus it will simply be (or at least be easier).

I think Yoda said it best….


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