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What’s on the Menu?
What’s on the Menu?

What’s on the Menu?

My daughter was fired from her job today. She was in shock and crying when she called to give me the news, and as she told me what happened,  I was struck by the fact that it was exactly what she wanted.  I have an analogy I use when discussing the ideas of manifesting our reality. She knows this analogy well, so when I picked her up from her (now former) job, I said, “You ordered from the menu, and the universe delivered, huh?”

restaurantShe immediately knew what I was talking about, and she readily agreed, nodding her head. The universe is the restaurant of our physical life. We are hungry for life, so we are constantly placing orders with the universe. How do we do that?  Through our focus, our thoughts, and our feelings. You needn’t believe in a god, religion, the metaphysical or paranormal to know that when you direct focus and exert energy toward something (whether a conscious goal or not), you can eventually achieve results – especially when there is a lot of feeling behind it.

My daughter had been very unhappy with her job for quite some time. She never really excelled at the position, nor did she want to.  The understanding of the job was most certainly there, but the passion wasn’t. As a matter of fact, near the end, she pretty much hated her work and dreaded every moment at the office. She wanted out but felt she couldn’t make a move because of the material support it offered.

She made friends there, and it certainly served its purpose in helping her resettle in a new city last year. However, it was becoming increasingly obvious that the position, and the overall office environment, was not a place she wanted to be. She had lost the ability to be grateful for the position, and like any relationship, if you don’t feel gratitude for it, it will eventually go away.

She figured she would coast a while, making money and getting into the doctor under their health plan before looking for more satisfying work, but she went in every single day feeling miserable and generally mentally unhealthy. She tried to be grateful, knowing that is what is required for joy, but in the end she ordered from the menu of the universe and guess what? The universe delivered it just as she asked. While she physically went through the motions, her thoughts and feelings kept up the dialogue of “I don’t want to be here. This place sucks. I’m unfulfilled. I’m unhappy.”  universedelivering

Interestingly enough, her horoscope has been indicating strong job change vibrations for the past couple of weeks, so in the grand scheme of things, on many levels, it really came as no surprise this occurred. The energy in the universe was ripe for her to make the change, and if she wasn’t going to do it consciously, it was going to make the decision for her. Funny how that works, huh? You place your order, and while you’re in the middle of a great conversation, not expecting it, your food arrives.  On the other hand, you can become impatient as your menu item takes time to cook to perfection. When it’s finally delivered, you could find that it’s exactly what you ordered from the menu. Other times it tastes just a little “off”, but the chef tried her best to give you exactly what you wanted.


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