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Lie to Me
Lie to Me

Lie to Me

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If you tell yourself a lie long enough, it eventually feels like the truth. If you believe it with every ounce of your being, others will eventually come to believe it, too. Used for good, this is the power of ‘becoming’ and manifestation.

By “becoming”, I mean changing your present self into a new-and-improved intended self.

True example:

I worked for an extremely unpleasant woman in Hawai’i. On my last day in her employ, she quite plainly told me she didn’t appreciate my optimism toward my work. She was actually screaming at me for no other reason than she needed to scream at someone. In the weeks leading up to this, I had begun to place myself in a more serene state of being to offset her horrible energy. As I ironed her clothes, made her bed, cleaned the pool, did her mounds of dishes I would simply tell myself over and over (and over) “I AM serenity. I AM peace. I AM joy. I AM happiness. I AM love.” Etc, etc… You get the idea.

When I began those mantras I was NOT in a state of serenity, peace, happiness or joy, but that all changed within a matter of days. It felt like lies when I first began, but they became my truth. Sadly, the more peaceful and serene I became, the more upset the employer became.  As she screamed at me that last day, I knew she had her own issues to deal with, and I was just the outlet for her personal unhappiness. I kept saying over and over in my head, “I AM….”, and I was. Her words, while having the power of feeling anger behind them, didn’t affect me the way they would have just a month prior. I lied to myself long enough, bringing peace and serenity to my reality, not allowing her reality to intrude.

This can be done with any aspect of life where you may lack fulfillment and satisfaction.

“I AM health.”
“I AM prosperity.” (or abundance)
“I AM joy.” (happiness, laughter, etc…)
“I AM peace.”
“I AM love.”

I am currently working with my material state of being, getting my credit score up, getting healthy. I AM constantly reminding myself that “I AM wealth.” The hardest part is looking at my budget, and allowing those seeds of doubt to be planted in my belief-garden. I must catch myself, before going down that defeating path and immediately put myself back in the place of “I AM prosperity.”  I’ve been working on this for a week or two, and I always make sure throw a “thank you” out to the universe.

I choose the “I AM” because it is the perfection of creation, the name of God, and thus, the true state of being for each and every person. I can raise my vibrations higher – bringing about change more quickly – by using “I AM”.

God said to Moses, “I AM WHO I AM…” – Exodus 3:14 (partial)

I wrote a meditation meme speaking of trying versus doing. Trying means you’re still on the path to the goal; whereas, doing (I AM) places you at the goal. Of course, it will be a lie for a while, but if you tell yourself a lie long enough, it will become your truth. This power is within all of us, and I would hope everybody will try it, and only use it for the good of all.

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