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Pursuing a State of Being
Pursuing a State of Being

Pursuing a State of Being

A pursuit is chasing after something you don’t currently have in your grasp. The problem with that, especially when discussing manifestation, is if it’s not in your grasp, in any way shape or form of the IMAGINATION, you will likely never have it.

The thing is, your emotional state of being, is well within your control if you would only take the wheel. Happiness and gratitude go hand-in-hand; just as sadness and ingratitude go hand-in-hand. When you’re sad about a person or situation, you are lamenting what is not there and (hopefully temporarily) not acknowledging what you HAVE.

You can reach Happytown anytime you like by simply pausing and thinking of those things you can be grateful for. If like sucks, it won’t make the outside world go away, but it can bring the flicker of joy and positivity. When you get the flicker, you can make it a flame with just a little help.

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