Who Should Attend Your Tarot Reading?

tarotI’ve done a few tarot readings over the past week where the client arrived with another person who shouldn’t have been in attendance. When people ask, “Can my friend (boyfriend, spouse, mother) come with me?” my answer is always, “Only if you want them there. If you think something will come out about them, or you are dealing with tough situations with them, then no. They probably shouldn’t attend.”

I love when people bring friends to their readings because friends are another set of ears to pick up on the information coming through. They are another brain to help remember the discussion, and they have a different perspective of their companion’s situation(s). Friends are great!

Sadly, there are those readings when a client arrives with somebody they’re having difficulty with, like a mother or husband. Their energy, through the cards, will naturally highlight issues affecting stress and heightened emotions, BUT…

When that aggravating person is present, the client will not be able to appreciate and respond TRUTHFULLY to everything coming through the cards; usually out of fear of emotional outbursts occurring later. When this happens, the client will have zero response to my question, “Is this making sense to you?” (which I ask about half-way through the reading and at the end). I’m OK with that because I don’t need their validation to complete the reading. Sadly, the questioner will be so absorbed with hoping the other party isn’t picking up on the truths being told that they shut-down and can’t truly digest important aspects of the reading.

My tarot readings are often uplifting, unburdening and empowering for clients, but when they bring troublesome people with them to the appointment, it can add to the problem, causing relationship disturbances (i.e. arguments, ill will, etc..) after.

This is also why, when booking a tarot party, I ask if everybody is comfortable with public readings or if the host/ess would like to set-up a private space instead. Like most legitimate psychic readers, a tarot reading with me will validate situations and bring out deep psychological/spiritual insight. You have to make sure the people around you, the people hearing your truths, are those you trust to handle and HELP with these things, not adding to the psycho-emotional drama later.  Read more on preparing for your reading



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