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Broke (for now) and Fine (always)
Broke (for now) and Fine (always)

Broke (for now) and Fine (always)

mickjaggerMike Jagger sang, “You can’t always get what you want…. but you get what you need.”  This is my life right now, and I’m fine with that. In the previous two years, I have lived a relatively comfortable material life from a good-paying job as a travel agent. I left that job a few months ago to do tarot readings and writing full-time. I knew there could be a time when I was out of money, but I believe in the abundance of the universe, and I have never actually lacked for anything.

I just received the call that my new (very used) car needed a big brake job. It came out of the blue yesterday (thanks Mercury retrograde), and the cost of repair will take me down to my last 20 bucks.

The me of 4 or 5 years ago would be freaking out. The me of today isn’t.  What’s the point? The way I see it? I was able to cover the repair. I have groceries in my home. I have 3/4 of a tank of gas. My rent and utilities are paid. I am not “wanting” for anything; I simply don’t have the padding in the bank that always feels secure.

I know I will have it again though. I know good things are coming my way. I’m not allowing myself to lose it because that is not conducive to seeing opportunity when it arrives, and if my life has taught me anything, opportunity always arrives. You just have to make sure you are aware when it happens. Awareness can become blocked by negative emotions, so I am remaining in a positive place.

My teeny Groupon payout is coming within a couple of days, and I have at least 2 readings booked for tomorrow. My life is abundant in so many ways, and while my desires are currently on hold, I know my needs will be met.

I am gratitude.

I AM abundance. 

I AM prosperity. 

I AM wealth.



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