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Butterfly to Spider (Animal Totems)
Butterfly to Spider (Animal Totems)

Butterfly to Spider (Animal Totems)

buttefly-in-spiderwebAugust through the first week or so of October, I must have seen a million butterflies. Ok, maybe not that many, but they were EVERYWHERE. I began pointing out my butterfly sightings to my family, and they were surprised at how many showed up when I was around.

I did what I always do when I have a question. I went to Google and found many different sites on animal totems and symbolism. Of course, the butterfly is transformation, growth, metamorphosis.  It just so happened this was all occurring at a time leading up to, around, and just after my birthday; a natural time of transformation in one’s life as you move into a new personal solar year.

Now I’m seeing spiders and their webs everywhere I go. Apparently, my apartment’s been overrun (though they’re not bothering me, and the flying insect population has thankfully depleted). I’ve found webs in my bathroom, connected to my incense and even near my dresser (which kind of freaked me out because I don’t want spiders in my clothes!). As I sat out on my parent’s back patio watching the sunset a couple of days ago, I saw a gorgeous web caught in the sun’s rays, floating from one tree to another.  When I turned my head to the right, I saw a large web had been formed off their outdoor bar.  Last week I found a tiny spider hanging from my car.

tripglass01The spider indicates creativity and artistic expression. Just look at those beautiful webs they create. They are also a pretty determined creature, trying to manifest in their lives. In native culture, they are associated with the sacred feminine, the grandmother of wisdom and protector of the esoteric. This is something I have been acutely aware of in the past several months of my life as I’m learning to deal with the aging process, becoming a grandmother myself. I’m also coming to terms with my wisdom and the way in which I share it.

I’ve become very observant as I move into a new arena of my life and psychic awareness. What animals, insects and birds have you been taking notice of, or identifying with lately?  Google those meanings, you might thrilled and surprised!

Two sites I liked when looking up animal symbolism:


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