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Children and Divination
Children and Divination

Children and Divination

I recently asked a random question on a tarot forum, and the responses made me really contemplate my own feelings and perception of the subject.

Question: Do you (have you/will you) read for kids under 18 (with/without permission from parent)?

from the African Tarot

I received a wide array of answers from psychic tarot readers the world over (to whom I am thankful). Some were emphatic that children should not receive readings while others indicated they worked at Mayfair events where young children receive readings “from the trees”, or they would be allowed to choose a single card to interpret for themselves.

To be honest, I hadn’t ever really thought about the subject. I’ve read for people under 18; though, their parents have always been around and/or initiated a reading for themselves first.  It seems those kids (teens) I’ve read for had a good grasp of their emotional and spiritual outlook, and they were quite able to understand, and make use of, the information I presented.

One tarot reader on the forum had a good point when reasoning why she refuses readings for kids: tarot is not a toy. It is a self-help tool.

I could agree that it’s not a toy, but after some thought, I realized that self-help is not just for the realm of adulthood. Wow. If I had a self-help tool in my early years, to help navigate the intricacies of teendom, I may not have made the difficult (i.e. foolish) decisions I made. If I had an oracle to put me in touch with my spiritual self when I was “lost” (as many, MANY teenagers are), my life could have been very different. (Note: I know, I know. I am living the life I was meant to live, blah, blah, blah; however, I know – because I’ve been told my guides and others – that I wandered off the path and have had to work twice as hard to get back on it).

psychicchildI now think that having a tool like the tarot, runes, i-ching or other positive divinatory means (and the all-important mentor to go with it) can be of incredible help to a young, wandering soul. However, my personal ethics come into play here. Just as a parent has the right to instill religious and philosophical beliefs in a child (i.e. choosing the church or other group for the child to attend), the parent should also give permission for the child to visit a psychic, diviner or teacher of these things. As an intuitive advisor, I give advice on the spiritual energy of the person, and the parent of an under-eighteen has the right to choose the advice given to their offspring. Once eighteen, they can obviously make their own choices, but as a mother myself, I would never want to step on another parent’s toes (no matter how close-minded or unenlightened I may perceive them to be).

On another note, I love the idea of young children being exposed to the tarot through fairs specifically for children like with the trees and 1-card pick-ups. Exposure (with parental consent) from such a young age, can really help keep the spirit of a child open, removing many judgmental tendencies toward the divinatory arts later in life.

Luckily, my children are open to what I do, and my granddaughter Poet is allowed to touch my crystals, cards, etc… I don’t want her to think they are taboo, or she is not allowed to know what they mean to me. I like knowing that when she questions, I will (hopefully) be there to help her with the answer.

Poet put the mustache on the Buddha one day, reminding me that the enlightened enjoy laughter. At the same time, I was allowed to discuss (as much as one can discuss with a 3-year-old) who the Buddha was.  We all know that children are closest to their spiritual selves, and we would be wise to learn from them.buddhastash-base

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