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Dr. Masaru Emoto Has Ascended
Dr. Masaru Emoto Has Ascended

Dr. Masaru Emoto Has Ascended

Dr. Masaru Emoto broke into the American consciousness with the movie “What the Bleep do we Know!?” We learned that water is affected by words and thought. His water experiments were nothing short of amazing.

I had a very large fish tank that became sickly. I considered myself, up to that point anyway, to be a solid fishkeeper; however, I couldn’t figure out what was killing off my fish. Shortly after watching the movie, I taped the word “HEALTHY” to the lower corner of the tank, and every time I fed the fish, filled the water, even thought about the tank, I said/thought “health”. You know where this story goes. The tank became healthy and vibrant in (seemingly) no time.

It’s a difficult habit to keep up, but when I fill my water pitcher, my glass, my ice cube trays, I (try to remember to) say/think “love”. Knowing our bodies are full of this substance (water), one would thing we would try to keep our thoughts and words more healthy and loving toward ourselves and others.

The day this exceptional person died, my second granddaughter came into this world (after having spent 9 months in water). Can you imagine a world where every person growing in the womb is praised, loved and filled with respect? I think Dr. Emoto imagined that kind of world, and those he shared that vision with were made better for it.



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