Ethics of the Spiritual Advisor

elizabethI wrote this for my practice, but I’ve been coming into quite a bit of contact with many psychic and tarot novitiates who may find this helpful.

Like a priest, a lawyer, or a doctor, a psychic or spiritual advisor must adhere to a strict code of ethics.

  1. You are first in charge of delivering universal truth to your client. No dramatics and no avoiding unpleasantness. If diplomacy and tact do not come naturally to you, then you should practice getting it right, or  go into another profession.
  2. Like the Hippocratic Oath for doctors, a spiritual advisor should do no harm. This includes not harming your clients emotionally, spiritually, or financially. As a legitimate advisor with a good reputation, you will be able to give readings at a lower price when necessary because there will also be plenty of others who can afford (and are willing to pay) your normal price and/or tip very well. A person should never go without eating because they also need your services. (Note: this does not mean being taken advantage of on a regular basis. Listen to your intuition. You will know when/IF you need to offer a discount to a person in need.)
  3. You must never be surprised or shocked by the humanity of your client. When you validate something for a client, it can touch them deeply, and sessions can often be quite soul-bearing for your patron. You will learn secrets about people that might be shocking to you because you lack experience with the situation. Unless they have put another in danger or harmed them, you must refrain from showing a repulsed, shocked or otherwise negative energy. Withhold your judgment. Your ignorance of their situation should not make your client feel uncomfortable. They have turned to you for guidance.
  4. Your client’s information is private. Not only should your client’s personal information (like email, phone, payment info) be kept private but also the details of their readings. Your patrons should be able to trust you, especially since you will have access to some pretty deep information about them, maybe even very personal secrets. Obvious things like murder should be immediately shared with authorities (though I doubt many murderers wish to come within 5 feet of a psychic). You should never share client’s names with their stories to friends, family, or other associates. Your clients trust you, and you need to uphold that trust.
  5. Never tell a client which choice to make. The cards and the messages you receive will often relay the energy the person is working with, and they always have free will. While you may want to offer a specific answer to a specific question, your role is to advise and counsel, not to choose on behalf of your patron. This is a very fine line to walk, and it should be practiced and mastered before offering regular readings.
  6. Don’t try to sell something your client doesn’t need. These are the psychics and tarot readers that give the rest of us a bad name! “For $200, I will light a candle and remove this curse for you.” Or “For another $50, I can give you that answer.” Or “Pay now for your next 8 sessions, so we can clear your energy and set you on the path.” Shady, shady, shady.
  7. Empower your client! Give them the (diplomatic) truth of the situation you see, and remind them they can choose to change the outcome if it’s not the path they wish to take. Even if it’s something that can’t be avoided, you can remind them of the power to change their feelings or prepare for difficulty, so it doesn’t have such a negative affect on them. Give spiritual advice like encouraging your patron to meditate and pray or get out into nature.
  8. Refer them to a professional when necessary. When you have a client who is in obvious medical or emotional distress, you will need to refer them to their medical or mental health provider. Some seek out spiritual advice when in fact, they need to see a trained professional in another field. Hearing it from their spiritual advisor may be exactly what’s needed for them to get the help they should be seeking.
  9. Love what you do! When you’re following your passions, everything becomes easier and clearer. If your psychic tarot work is just a way to make money, but you lack the love for it, then you are doing a disservice to both your clients and you.


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