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In Honor of my Sister
In Honor of my Sister

In Honor of my Sister

handsToday is my sister Sarah’s birthday. She is seven years younger than me; though, her wisdom, patience and position in life would make it seem she is the older of the two. She was born 10 days after my seventh birthday. We have a family story about Mom going into “false labor” on my birthday. She went to the hospital that morning. I went to 2nd grade, and when I returned she was already home. I excitedly asked, “Did you have the baby?!”  Ten days later, my parent’s second Libra daughter was born.

My guilt about my sister’s childhood is only rivaled by the guilt I feel about my own motherhood. I was an awful big sister. I didn’t embrace her. I was jealous and unkind when my baby sister should have had a proper role model and protector. In fact, she protected me and covered for me when I was acting out, well into my adulthood. My little sister returned my self-loathing, masked by horrible relationship decisions and self-abuse, with love and patience. She has always encouraged my MANY changes in life. She has always been the stable, successful one to my flighty, ungrounded persona. Yet, she withholds her judgment and gives me nothing but love.

I’ve been thinking about a blog post discussing the greatness of the female archetype, the Sophia, the Holy Mother, etc… When I woke today, I realized my sister, Sarah, is the epitome of female empowerment. Her name, from the biblical Sarah (Abraham’s wife and mother of Isaac), translates to “princess” or “noblewoman”.  My sibling embodies her name. She is noble, but not of the highfalutin nature. She is kind, compassionate and diplomatic. She gives so much to those she loves, and I’m so lucky that also includes me.

She accepts my nature and is never unkind or mean. She has a career and works hard for her family and community. She is a wonderful mother, wife, daughter and (I’ll say it again) a stellar sister. She is the potential and success of every woman, and she is everything I would want to be if I could ever grow up.

The me of 30 years ago couldn’t say this, but the me of today wants the world to know how incredible my sister is. I’m so lucky to have her in my life (even though she’s on the other side of the continent). Happy birthday Sarah! I love you, and I’m so very proud of you.

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