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My Optimism Sucks!
My Optimism Sucks!

My Optimism Sucks!

joy3Our natural state of being is joy, and you know this because feelings are the gauge we were gifted with. Feelings allow us insight to know if something is right or wrong for us. If we’re sad, depressed, angry or afraid, the situation probably isn’t a good one. If we’re happy and joyful, the situation is likely good for us (unless you have “wiring” or chemical issues with your brain which can make understanding feelings in the “right” situations much more difficult).

I made a turnaround a few years ago and became the Pollyanna of my corner of the world. Now it is rare that I become deflated and down; though it still happens from time-to-time every couple of months. (See this post from just a couple of weeks ago.)

I have found that, especially in my line of work (spiritual advisement), I need to keep my vibrations high. I can’t do that by immediately going to worst case scenarios,  lacking hope and faith in the universe. When I keep my vibrations high, when I’m living in joy, not allowing my thoughts and feelings to constantly go to dark places, I’m more in tune with the universe. It is then that I give stronger, clearer readings to my clients. Living in happiness also allows me to gain a clearer picture of my own truth; though, it can still be difficult. Tarot readers and psychics of all kinds can have difficulty reading for themselves because emotions can often cloud a reading.

When you are in a place of constant joy, life’s crap doesn’t usually throw you into a tailspin of despair. It can hurt, you will still cry at times, you will rage at times, you will still experience all emotions; however, having a habit of happiness means you don’t have to buckle under the weight of difficulty.

depressionWhen a certain person’s name or especially difficult situation from your past comes up, do you find yourself going to a place of anger, sadness or even hate? I carried anger and hate for a certain someone in my life for many (MANY) years. One day I realized that, if I wanted to move forward, to a place of my dreams and desires, I had to let go. My anger and hate wasn’t doing anything to him, but it was filling up my personal space with negativity. Negativity doesn’t propel you forward. It’s wallowing, stagnant energy. It was very difficult at first, but when his name would come up (even in my thoughts), I would try to catch my negative feelings, replacing them with positive. I found that I didn’t have to love him, but I also didn’t have to hate him. I simply didn’t have to send ANY energy in his direction.

I have found that

Once you can let go of the anger, you can replace it with happiness, joy and new experiences to bring more of the same. I’m not stupid. I will still have days when I’m blue or angry, but I’ve learned the skills to talk myself “off the ledge”, and my life is so much better for it.

choosejoyFinally, gratitude is one of the most important components of joy. They go hand-in-hand. When you find yourself feeling down, hurt and angry, and you’re done wanting to feel that way, you can list those things you are grateful for. It can be something as simple as air to breath, clean water to drink, or the change in your pocket. Gratitude goes a long way in changing an outlook on life. I try to make it a point to set my daily intention (#DailyIntention) every morning and daily gratitude (#DailyGratitude) almost every night through my Twitter account. I find it helps to remind me of those things that raise my vibrations and allow me to live fully the life that we’re all meant to live.

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