Oh, December… (The 9 & 10 of Wands)

9 of Wands from the Silver Era Tarot (by Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon)

9 of Wands from the Silver Era Tarot (by Aunia Kahn and Russell J. Moon)

I incorporate quite a bit of astrology with my tarot, and I have found that the the energy of the cards seem to coincide with the energy of the time period we’re in. I was born under the 2 of Swords, and I can tell you that I AM a stalemater when it comes to decision-making (like any good Libra), but I put it off until I MUST deal with it (like the card). I avoid it until it must be done.

In the time leading up to the winter holidays, we are working with difficult energies under the suit of wands in Sagittarius. December 2 – 11 is the time period falling under the 9 of Wands, and December 12 – 22 is within the realm of the 10 of Wands (give or take a day or so either way).

The 9 of Wands is defensiveness, expecting ill will or difficulty, having to draw on reserves, feeling as if you’ve been battered and bruised in battle (but you’re still standing because you have stamina!).  This is a time of resolve and conviction and holding on to what you believe while you proceed with caution.

10 of Wands from The Gilded Tarot (by Ciro Marchetti)

10 of Wands from The Gilded Tarot (by Ciro Marchetti)

That is the run-up to the 10 of Wands which is burden, overwork, being unable to say “no”, taking on responsibilities, oppressive issues. You might be working overtime or overextending yourself. This is a period of struggle, laboring and even experiencing resistance. Make sure you keep your load as light as possible in this period because things will crop up that can be quite taxing (physically and emotionally).  Try to keep an even keel during this time, and remember that NO is not a bad word.

It’s rather apt that these cards, and the ideas/energy associated with them, coincide with the winter holiday season; though, you’ll be pleased to know that after the 10 of Wands, comes the 2 of Coins – just in time for Christmas! That card is all about material/physical balance, flexibility, going with the flow and the ability to handle financial and physical demands.

Happy holidays!

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