A Most Idyllic Day

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I woke to the giggles of a 4-year-old (Poet), and we drove Aspen to work, receiving a tasty wake-me-up in return. After breakfast, Poe and I played our hearts out with crafts and play-doh and Barbies. I saw Blythe, and spent some time outside with Lyra while she looked up at every tree and the sky above with total amazement in her eyes.

I spoke to Grandma Rie for a bit of time, and she said something at the very end of our conversation which made me smile. She cherishes the angel stone I gave her for Christmas. She holds it at least 3 or 4 times a day. It made my heart almost explode with love because I do the exact same thing. I felt such a connection with her at that moment, and I wondered if we often held those angels in our hands at the same time.

I just returned from taking Max for our daily hour-walk around the neighborhood, circling Hance Park a couple of times. I didn’t want to ruin it with a camera phone picture, but Normal Rockwell had nothing on the scene at the park today. Families playing, couples picnicking, kids running with Frisbees and footballs, people walking in hand-in-hand, children laughing, dogs jumping, couples biking… I was in utter amazement at this make-believe land. It was as if I had entered the beginning of a weird Tim Burton film.

From the Tarot Nusantara

From the Tarot Nusantara

And sidenote: for those of you familiar with the Tarot, it was the 10 of Cups in 3-D.

I even thought, “There is no eloquence to describe the vision in front of me today.” It was nostalgic; of a time we’ve only seen in movies or read in books. People were so very happy, the sun was shining brightly. The grass was a deep, almost fraudulent, green. The sky, a white-blue with only small poofs of clouds framing the edge of my vision. There were people of every color enjoying the incredible day, side-by-side, with smiles on their faces. It was ridiculous and amazing.

I smiled the entire time I walked the dog. I was in total admiration of the beauty of life, and then it came to me. What I need to say tomorrow at the farewell is about celebrating a life passing, but it’s also a reminder to celebrate the living (theirs and yours). It’s about breathing-in those moments of intense wonderment, and finding nothing but joy in them. Forget the fact that I felt I might be stepping into a John Woo film (and we know how those end).

Here’s where it gets freaky cool. As the thoughts of celebration of life trickled into my understanding, a white dove flew directly in my view, squawking and landing on a tree branch within feet of me. I had to stop and do a double-take. “Holy sh*t! Is this actually happening right now?! Am I being offered such obvious signs of affirmation by the Universe?”

I continued on my path, and that dove, or three others exactly like her,  crossed my path three more times in exactly the same manner (flying, screeching and landing right beside me, forcing me to pay attention). The last time being within steps of my front door.

All I could think was that I am blessed to have experienced such a series of beautiful, compelling moments today, and I am so very grateful for it. John Woo would have been impressed with those doves.

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