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Live What You Want
Live What You Want

Live What You Want

LIVE what you wish to BE. You must LIVE healthy to BE healthy. You must LIVE spirituality to BE spiritual. You must LOVE to BE loved. You must LIVE happiness to BE happy.

What does this mean if you’re circumstances are the opposite of that which you wish to be? It means you must put on the brakes, and change course from your current path. It requires understanding and discipline. You might know what you must do to accomplish a goal; however, KNOWING what you must do, and DOING what you must do are two different things. One is knowledge, it just IS. The other is action and it must be brought forth through effort.

You won’t attract  happiness if you’re sad, depressed, bitter or apathetic all the time. You must force yourself to act, doing things, thinking things which make you happy. You won’t easily find love if you carry anger or hate toward another (or others). Love is not easily attracted to bitterness or animosity. Health is not attracted by eating fast food and drinking soda all day while binge-watching streaming television.

YOU are in charge of how YOU feel. YOU are in charge of what YOU do.  Want it? DO IT!


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