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Mercury Retrograde Revisited
Mercury Retrograde Revisited

Mercury Retrograde Revisited

mercury-in-retrogradeI’ve written about my lament of Mercury Retrograde (MR), and it seems every time that planet appears to backward in our earthly sky, something goes amiss for me. Whether it’s communication, transportation or electronics going haywire, Mercury Retrograde has been a seasonal bane of my existence.

Our buddy closest to the sun can really cause problems when he seems to reverse his movement. In the past, I’ve made the mistake of beginning something new during his backward phase, and I’ve ended up with issues or problems every single time. My longevity with new employers, begun during MR, has been relatively non-existent; months at best.

Today, one day after the first MR of 2015 began, I signed new-hire paperwork for a part-time job at the airport. I’m crossing my fingers that everything will work out OK. But why do I think it will work out this time as it has never done so in the past? Because I’m revisiting a similar position in a similar location that I’ve held in the past. I’m also working with my dearest, somebody already familiar (we’ve previously worked together and have proven to be a great team).

While you shouldn’t begin anything new in MR, it’s a wonderful time to revisit past projects, or pick something up again. Oftentimes, you will have learned many things between then and now, so you approach the past/new project with fresh eyes and different attitudes. I know I still need to be vigilant, taking my time learning this old-but-very-new position, following guidelines, etc… But the whole process has felt comfortable and known to be me since applying for the job.

If you have projects, goals or dreams which have been sitting (not even simmering) on the back burner, now is a great time to revisit them using the mental acuity which Mercury is known for. You can restructure your thoughts and beliefs, creating something new from that which already exists!

So this time around I’m heading into this retrograde with more optimism, ready to tackle those items which I know will pay off. I just have to take them back out, and polish them to their would-be shininess. I will also remember what my favorite astrologer, Susan Miller, says about astrology:

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