New Year – New Layout! (Tree of Now)

After completing my personal annual tarot reading, I decided to have a visit with my “Tree of Seer” tarot spread. I have decided to change up the look of the layout, making it more about what it is – the NOW. The left column is what has come to pass, the middle is the present and the right column is what will come to be (without a change from free will). However, in essence, the cards all come together to create your NOW moment. I’ve decided to point the left cards (the past) inward toward the present, doing the same on the right for the future column. With the foundation card at the bottom, it really looks more tree-like, but it also shows the energy of the past/future “pressing” into the present moment, creating the Now. With that, I think I’m also going to change the name of it to the “Tree of Now” spread.

Tree of Now - 2015

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