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When to Listen (A Wind Chime Story)
When to Listen (A Wind Chime Story)

When to Listen (A Wind Chime Story)

My daughters gave me a beautiful sunshine wind chime for my birthday last September. Because I don’t have my own outdoor area, it hangs just above the entry into the main room from the kitchen. Last night it began moving and chiming for the first time since hanging it from the ceiling,  dangling way above my head.

Now, before you go thinking something is moving it, I should tell you that I turned my oscillating fan on for the first time this year (Sorry Easterners, it’s already warming up, and way too soon). The fan sits atop my refrigerator, blowing in the general direction of the chime, so it only makes sense the chime would move now.

windchimeThe interesting thing about my moving chime is that it has never chimed before. I ran the fan In the exact same spot on the refrigerator through mid-November last year, and ne’er did a chime tinkle in the man-made breeze.

Last night, as I was preparing to go to sleep, I heard the softest “ding”. I really had no clue where it was coming from. It happened again about an hour or so later. I thought, “that is a rather sweet tone” just before I fell asleep.

Upon waking this morning, I finally realized where it was coming from. It doesn’t sway or move regularly or even often; maybe once a couple times an hour, if that. But in the past half-day, that sound has come to signal a reminder for me to stay on track with my exercise, writing, eating well, etc… In less than 24-hours, I have created a Pavlovian response within myself to follow-through with my health goals (physical, spiritual, mental).

Earlier today, as I thought I didn’t really want to take the dogs for a walk, it chimed. I felt like it was a message to just do it. (Side note: ironically I do wear Nikes when I walk the dogs.  ba-dum-bum) I took the dogs for a walk and felt better for it.

After the walk, I came home and just wanted to sit and watch Netflix. It chimed. I thought, “You haven’t been writing enough lately, why not sit and write instead of sit and watch?”  Thus, you have the words before you.

I don’t know that I will always respond to the chime. Once something is present in one’s life for a long time, it’s easy to get used to, with the ability to selectively (or even subconsciously) ignore it. Right now, I just like the feeling I get when my wind chime is fulfilling its purpose, and in return, reminding me of mine.

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