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Things That Make Me Hmmmm: Psychic Nausea
Things That Make Me Hmmmm: Psychic Nausea

Things That Make Me Hmmmm: Psychic Nausea

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From "Trainspotting"
From “Trainspotting”

I live/work in a small studio apartment. It’s part of a home built in 1897, so the plumbing was grandfathered in and really isn’t up to current code.  When I first moved in, the problem was with the broken faucet handles in the bathroom. The scalding hot water in the shower must be turned almost off to stand it, and that greatly reduces the water pressure, making my shower more of a drizzle.  It’s old, a bit beat-up, pretty cheap but still quite usable. While that last sentence could easily describe me, I’m still on the subject of my bathroom.That being said, I’ve had significant problems with my bathroom plumbing in the past couple of months, specifically the toilet and shower (it’s a painfully tiny bathroom, so the toilet is practically in the shower already). Also in the past few months, I have felt very uneasy in the area of my bathroom and my dresser which backs up to the shower/bathroom wall.

While it seems a bit crazy to say in my out-loud voice (or write on my blog for public consumption), that area of my home felt “evil” at times. The feeling of being in my shower, or even in the bathroom with the door closed halfway could make me nauseous and somewhat frightened. I would get goosebumps up and down my arms, and I would often find myself calling out for Michael.  Note: I equate the Archangel Michael with the strength of the universe. Put a name to energy to give it power. The handyman initially replaced the toiled about 2 months ago.  Things were OK for a short while, but the claustrophobic bathroom has never been my favorite place to be, even when putting on make-up.

Last week, my heebie jeebies were at an all-time high when I approached the vicinity of the bathroom. I would feel overwhelmed with negativity and very anxious thoughts and feelings. The day of the full moon (March 6, 2015), I woke with a powerful need to completely cleanse that that space. I bleached and scrubbed. I cleared it out and placed a “Holy Spirit” candle on the back of the toilet. Burning sage, I said a prayer and asked for the area to be cleansed and cleared of lower, dark energy.  My intent was on a clean, clear space that, even though small, would feel “cleared out” of the creepy energy which had permeated it.

The golgothan from "Dogma"
The Golgothan from “Dogma”

Before bed later that night, I flushed a tissue down the toilet. Almost immediately, the most overwhelming stench began to burn my throat and nostrils. I couldn’t figure out where it was coming from (I even sniffed under my arms) until I pulled back the shower curtain. There I found raw sewage pushing up through the drain into my shower. The offense to my senses was staggering.

I have plumbers plumbing away as I type this, and I’ve been wondering something ever since it happened. Obviously, this problem has been building for quite some time; however, I can’t explain those overwhelming feelings of evil and negativity I feel when in that small corner of my studio.

Did I feel it because something evil or negatives was there, and my cleansing prayer was the energy needed to push it away from the space (thus, energetically manifesting as sewage)? Or was I just picking up on the intense negative energy from a build-up of human waste under my home?

Though my bathroom smelled fine until the incident, was a deep, biology-based sense, picking up on the unconscious fumes seeping in? Kind of like when animals feel the need to run away from a beach long before a tsunami appears to a human’s five senses?

Four days, and numerous plumbers later, the problem was found; a massive, nasty sewage clog at the main line connection, and I was the lucky winner of the open line to that clog. I came home to find the men had tried to super-disinfect the bathroom, and I give them kudos for that. After doing a bit of clean-up, I brought in brand-new brightly-colored hand towels and rugs to lighten the feel of the room. I burned more sage and re-lit the Holy Spirit candle. So far, I haven’t felt the “icky”, but I can’t help shake those feelings I had leading up to the incident. Was it some sort of bio-psychic nausea warning me of danger (it was really a serious HAZMAT situation), or was there a negative presence which reacted energetically with my prayers and cleansing? Makes me go Hmmmmmm.







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