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The Spirituality of the Name Tag Job
The Spirituality of the Name Tag Job

The Spirituality of the Name Tag Job

elizabethpatchI work part-time a few days a week checking-in baggage for airlines. It’s the airport, so I run into innumerable personalities every day at work.  Some people are indifferent, and some become angry with me because my technology, or federal rules, won’t allow me to serve their expectations. Many people are understanding, kind and grateful for the service I offer. I wear a uniform and name tag.

There is a spirituality to be found in name tag work.  I must show my name to the public, so others will “know me”. Knowing my name is a big step toward personal interaction. I am facing a public, offering my service.  I attempt to fulfill your requests; therefore, you should feel gratitude toward me (that’s why it’s called a “gratuity”). I have voluntarily offered to fulfill your requests; therefore I must remember my purpose in this position is to be of service to others and to feel gratitude toward you in return.

What to remember when interacting with a name tag worker:

  • This is a person with a name. For simply BEING, they are worthy of your respect.
  • This person’s name tag is not a reason to look down on them, or think they are beneath you in any way. The name tag is an opportunity for you to know and interact with the person in front of you.
  • This person is your not servant. You are, in some way, asking the person with a name tag to provide a service (for which there may be an expectation of payment or tip; especially in the U.S.). It could be that you want information, questions answered, or assistance with something you are unable to do on your own. Remember: If you can do it on your own, and better, then you should.
  • Don’t take it personally. The name tag job worker likely comes into contact with many, MANY, people every single day. Like you, they will have good days and bad days. You don’t know their story. Respect and kindness can go a long way.
  • This person, simply by wearing a name tag, has agreed to attempt to fulfill your needs and expectations. They may not always be able to do so. You may sometimes be told “No”. Keep your expectations based in reality, and you will be surprised by the small  but good things that can happen.

What to remember when wearing your name tag:

  • You have been given the opportunity to serve others. Do your best because doing any less is a disservice to both the customer and your highest self.
  • People’s expectations are THEIR expectations. Sometimes expectations of others are not in line with reality (or more likely policy or technology). When their expectations haven’t been met, their world can be turned upside down as their needs or desires have not been fulfilled.
  • So don’t take it personally. The person needing the name tag worker has good days and bad days just like you. You don’t know their story.  Respect and kindness can go a long way.
  • Don’t relish saying “No” and the art of denial toward others. Your service is just that. Being of service.
  • Smile. The genuine smile of a human is the physical manifestation of Universal Love.



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