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I Love When This Happens!
I Love When This Happens!

I Love When This Happens!

I work a part-time job, checking bags at an off-terminal airport site. I love my job working with the public, helping people on their journey, and of course the non-stop social observation (people watching). One of my co-workers is a young girl, more than half my age. She was very excited the first time I told her what I did outside of the airport job. I was honestly somewhat annoyed at first, thinking she thought I was a circus act (dance monkey girl, dance!).  Of course, once I got my insecurities in check (she and I are both intelligent, strong women with cardinal sun signs), I realized it wasn’t like that at all.  After months of misses, I finally had the opportunity to read for her, and of course, the timing of someone’s reading always seems to be exactly when it will be most useful them, when they need it most.

I finished her tarot session, and she seemed very satisfied with it. As we were talking and I was putting my cards away, she said, “We should ask what the nature of our relationship is. Why do we get along so well?” Honestly, I figured the answer would be my natural immaturity, coupled with her natural maturity,  meeting around 32 – 34 years old or so, but the answer was more astonishing than that.

We chatted and joked as I shuffled the cards (which is what I do over and over and over and OVER again until I just stop). I cut the deck and restacked it into a single pile again. I did what I always do for a “snapshot” reading, and I pulled 4 cards from the bottom of the deck. Remember, the question was “What is the nature of our relationship?”

Tarot of the Sephiroth

We had 3 Queens and a Princess (Page). I looked at it and was blown away. She looked at it, and knowing nothing of Tarot and “meanings” (which are individual anyway), she said, “Oh my God! Can I read it?”

“Can you read it? Of course! Please!”

She said, “The Queen of Cups is relationships and love, and symbolizes our friendship. She’s also very feminine, and with all the Queens, it’s showing how we’re both strong, smart females. The Queen of Swords is obviously you. The Queen of Disks is definitely me, and the Princess of Disks is how we met through work.” (Yeah, I think she’s a natural.)

I was so excited! She was pretty much seeing what I knew to be in the cards. I saw the Queen of Cups and thought, “Psychic/spiritual involvement with love and friendship, and of course, all those strong ladies gathered together make themselves even stronger as a group. The Queen of Swords is me by birth date and nature (you can even see the Libra symbol in the lower right corner).  Being next to the Queen of Cups, I see them as a picture of me dispensing spiritual guidance, especially to a young earth sign like the Princess of Disks.  The Queen of Disks on the right is my friend by birthday (the Capricorn is in her crown). Yes. Each of our birthday court cards showed up in this small reading! Though she is mature for her young age, she is still young in human years, so she was coupled with the Princess of Disks as the young earth sign/Capricorn. For me, the Princess also has another layer, and I find her to be a bringer of news and energy about something (or all) we manifest in the physical plane, such as health, wealth, home, job, etc… Yes, we met at work.

I just looked up (like I always do when I’m talking to the Universe), and I said, “Wow. That was awesome!”  My friend thought so, too. She couldn’t believe what she had just witnessed. The specificity of the Tarot snapshot was mind-blowing to us both, and I know it’s one of those flagged moments I’ll always recall  when discussing my work with the cards.  I find that I especially love that moment in a reading when everybody in the room becomes very aware that we are not alone in the universe. There’s something more than meets the eye (or any of the 5 physical senses) out there, and I’m so grateful to be able to share that with others.



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