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I’m Glad You’re a Skeptic
I’m Glad You’re a Skeptic

I’m Glad You’re a Skeptic

I recently had to call out the cable company for a problem with my wi-fi connection. I told the guy that since all my neighbors still had their connections, I thought the company had accidentally disconnected me (though I’ve been paying at least a week in advance of the due date for almost 3 years). After he checked the box in the alley, he determined that, yes, they had accidentally shut off my cable when they meant to shut off another’s.


We live in a VERY old neighborhood so the phone, cable and electric connections are rather mish-mashed and rigged to work. Because of this, sometimes lines can get crossed and mistakes made (doesn’t take a psychic to figure that out). The cable guy was great, and he worked to ensure all the cabling leading into my place was in good order. To do this, he had to come inside. Of course, he had a ton of questions after seeing my place. “What do you do?”

“I’m a spiritual advisor. I read tarot cards.”

“Yeah, I don’t believe in that stuff. No disrespect to you, but I don’t believe in that stuff.”

I’m nonplussed by skeptics. I get it. I explained to him that “It’s OK if you don’t believe in it. I do because of my experiences. I would never expect you to have blind faith in anything you can’t, or haven’t, experienced for yourself.”

He appreciated the reply and went on to say, “If it is real, I don’t think I’d want to know stuff that’s going to happen to me.”

Always gentle with the uninformed, I told him that “I’m not a predictor. I’m a validator. I don’t tell you anything you don’t already accept and know on some inherent level; however, I may validate situations for people which they simply don’t want to face or deal with.” I went on to explain I had a young client (a friend of my daughter’s) the day before. She’d never had a reading and didn’t know what to expect. She was a skeptic and figured I was fleecing people for money, just making stuff up to make them feel better.

She was dealing with a very personal issue, not knowing which way to turn, so my daughter encouraged her to get a reading from me. “Trust me. My mom can help.” My daughter is my best advertiser because she’s seen how a session can turn somebody’s life, and outlook, completely around.

When I was finished with the young lady’s reading (because I do most of the talking), she just stared at me, scowling. “I wanted you to stop talking. I couldn’t stand hearing you say that stuff.”

I asked her, “Did the reading make sense to you?”

She said, “Yes, and that’s why I wanted you to stop. I didn’t want to hear it because it’s all true.”

I replied, “Not everybody is prepared to face their own truth. Keep in mind this is your truth here and now, but if you decide you want a different outcome, you can always make changes to  your path (or at least your emotional response to it, if you choose).”

The next day, my daughter informed she and her friend had been talking about the reading all night. In the end, she was very happy and satisfied to have experienced it. She said, “Well now I have to deal with it since it’s like a mirror has been held up in front of me. If I ignore it, I’m being foolish.”

While skeptics may not be ready to face their own SELF, I find them to be amazing because they don’t follow the herd on blind faith. If everybody just believed what others told them to be true, without experiencing it for themselves, we’d all be heading into the ocean with the lemmings. At the same time, skeptics should only be skeptical until they’ve had the experience. There is a fine line between rationality and obstinance, and being a skeptic shouldn’t incorporate the latter.

skepticalI work with a couple of therapists and psychologists who will send a patient to me every now and then. I’ve done readings for those therapists, and they have seen the value in my work. They did, however, have to overcome their own skepticism to be open to a new, spiritual therapeutic opportunity. It’s not for everybody, and that’s OK.

Finally, not all tarot readers and psychics are alike. There are some out there who give the rest of us a bad name. They offer a negative reading, and then ask you to dig back into your wallet to “cleanse your energy” or “dispel the curse on you”. Only YOU and you alone are the navigator of your life and the beholder of your own energy. PLEASE don’t give your hard-earned money to the candle/prayer/evil-eye “psychics”.  While it could be my own skepticism rearing it’s head, my experience as a reader has told me people can pray, light candles and cleanse their own energy without paying hundreds (I’ve heard even thousands) of dollars to another.

Skeptics have intuition, too, and they should use it if ever choosing to visit a psychic reader. Reviews and referrals never hurt either. The question is, are you open to a new experience or stuck in the mire of your own volition without having fully partcipated?

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